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Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Midweek Day Walk - Cholsey to Goring

Cholsey to Goring (and Streatley)

Gentle Oxfordshire Countryside, horse training runs and Old Father Thames 

Book 3* Walk 49

* Online only

Length :  22 km or 14 miles

Toughness :  3 out of 10

Getting there : Catch the 10:15 am express train from London Paddington to Reading and change to catch the 10:53 to Cholsey
Catch the 9:57 train from London Paddington directly to Cholsey
Some calling stations for this service are:
  1. Ealing Broadway: Dep 10:05
  2. Slough: Dep 10:27
  3. Maidenhead Dep 10:34

Meeting point : Cholsey Station at 11:10

Brief Description

This walk offers a fine combination of gentle Oxfordshire countryside, wide grassy horse training gallops, a stretch of the Ridgeway with splendid views from the Berkshire Downs, and a final saunter along the banks of the Thames. Although the walk is fairly long, it has nothing too steep or demanding.
You may find full details  here and a  printable PDF here (also suitable for Kindles)

Suggested Lunch stops

The Red Lion, Blewbury

Suggested Tea stops


OS Explorer  170

Return train times

Trains return from Goring and Streatley are at the following times ...


Paddingtonians may shorten the journey by changing at  Reading - please check.


tartanrug said...

It is possible to shorten this walk by staying on the Ridgeway and going straight down to Goring (at point 7 in the directions where others may be turning left passed metal gates, on the Moulsford loop.)

Thomas G said...

It is possible to lengthen this walk by staying on the Thames Path and going straight down to Pangbourne (at the end of the walk).

Ozwalker said...

I would love to do this walk but have tickets to a show at 7.30- any chance of making it back ie making it shorter?

Hilary said...

If your idea of a "tea stop" involves tea (and cake) and not beer, there is a lovely café in Goring called "Pierrepont"; I've been there a couple of times ... very good cakes, but it does close at 5pm.

tartanrug said...

The Swan in Goring, by the bridge, has a terrace on the river for drinks, food, or a rather formal Afternoon Tea malarky. Also now a cafe cum deli next door in a refurbished out-building with one or two much fought over tables on a small balcony over the river. The Beetle and Wedge will not be open when we pass.

Thomas G said...

n=9 w=sunny
nine walkers arrived in dribs and drabs due to signalling problems at Ealing B'way leading to cancellations and delays on FGW all day long. bus chaos outside P'ton didn't (the Fire Brigade was attending to the Aberdeen Steak House on Praed Street).
6 on the delayed posted train, 3 others on the even more delayed next train. briefly united at lunch. then 2 of the first group waited half-way through the afternoon for the 3 backmarkers to form a wining and dining group:
having surprisingly being served tea at The Beetle & Wedge on their Thames-side pontoon (on the last 2 outings this was shut in the afternoon), we then also had drinks and dinner at The Swan in Streatley (not cheap) and then another drink at one of the Goring pubs (one of the ones on Station Road, name escapes me).
22.19 train (or some such). directions, while many years old, stood up well.
very pleasant walk, very pleasant company.
not sure there was a net-loss of calories on the day, though...

Thomas G said...

...didn't help...