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Sunday, 21 June 2015

Sunday 2nd Walk – the Greensand Hills and Chartwell

Extra Walk 63a Oxted Circular (long walk via Chartwell) T=3.63.a

21.5km (13.4m); toughness 7/10.

Train: London Victoria 09.53 (Clapham Junction 09.59, East Croydon 10.10) arrives Oxted 10.30

Return trains to London Victoria at xx:28 and xx:58

Much of this attractive and fairly strenuous walk is through the wooded Greensand Hills which are just to the south of the North Downs and where the countryside is owned by the National Trust and two large estates.

This long walk option enables you to visit Chartwell, the home of Winston Churchill and now owned by the National Trust.

Further information about the walk, various walk and refreshment options together with full walk instructions can be found here. Be sure to click on option a for the directions for the longer Chartwell walk.


Anonymous said...

Interested in doing this walk - anyone else?

Anonymous said...

Yes, I am going also

Unknown said...

I'm going too. I might start it earlier as I would like to visit Chartwell house. Anyone would like to join me?

Thomas G said...

Intend going, incl. Chartwell House, but with the advertised train.

Thomas G said...

n=18 w=solidly-overcast-turning-to-blue-sky-with-passing-clouds-but-no-rain
Very good turnout then for the two Sunday walks combined.
All 18 walked the long version via Chartwell, although only 1 (I believe) actually visited the house, some doubtlessly put off the idea by the huge amount of people at Chartwell (both car park and cafe were full to bursting).
A good walk with a fair amount of far views and grand houses, and a good mixture of woods, meadows and waterways. Plenty of muddy patches in the woods, but it was always easy to skirt around them.
After an underwhelming reception at The George & Dragon upon our arrival just past noon ("Have you booked? Let me check with the kitchen, we are expecting 2 groups of 6 in the next 5 minutes..." when the pub was completely empty...), we were then served quickly what were vast portions of good value meals.
Some took the 16.58 train, while most had tea and/or drinks in Oxted's uninspiring town centre, and then another one, as the 17.28 was cancelled.
Dinner in Pimlico for some to celebrate a walker's b'day.