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Wednesday, 4 December 2019

Wednesday Walk Otford Circular via Shoreham walk

Otford Circular via Shoreham walk T=swc.290

A short but hilly walk with the Christmas Party in mind. There are options to take shortcuts in the afternoon.

Trains: Get the 1025 Canterbury train from Victoria arriving Otford 1058. There are various return trains, including to Blackfriars which stops at Elephant & Castle. Fast to Victoria xx26 & xx56. To Blackfriars xx29 & xx59 & to Victoria with a change at Bromley South..

Lunch: A choice of 4 pubs in Shoreham starting with Ye Olde George Inn.

1 comment:

Sandy said...

n=12 on a pleasant stroll in the w=sunshine; 4 enjoyed the generous portions in the George Inn for lunch. Not sure how many stopped for tea in Otford but some of us hastened back for the Christmas party; most were on the 1556 to Victoria. As far as I know, nobody resorted to either of the short-cuts. A fine choice of walk for a short day.