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Sunday, 1 December 2019

Sunday Walk: Shiplake to Henley (with shorter afternoon)

13.7km (8.5 miles).
Difficulty 4 out of 10.
Riverside, woodland, views over the unspoilt Thames valley, and a little bit of history thrown in (be sure to visit the Knollys Tomb in Rotherfield Greys church). From Rotherfield Greys, given the time of year, the direct footpath to Henley is advised. Unless, of course, your name is Billy Whizz, in which case, feel free to hurtle round the full walk through Greys Court and Lambridge Woods (4km longer).
Train: Take the 09:45 Reading train from Paddington (9:53 Ealing Broadway) changing at Twyford for the 10:38 to Henley (platform 5) arriving Shiplake 10:45.
Return from Henley at xx:53 and xx:23, changing at Twyford for Paddington.
Get a return to Henley on Thames.
Lunch The suggested lunchtime pub is the Maltsters Arms (tel 01491 628 400) in Rotherfield Greys, serving food to 3pm Sunday.
Alternatively, the Bottle & Glass, 4km earlier, in Binfield Heath (tel  01491 412625).
The Chocolate CafĂ© (tel  01491 411 412) on Henley's Thameside (the terrace facing the river) is open weekends to 6pm. The station is 5 minutes walk away.
Henley has more than its fair share of pubs for those in need of something stronger.
Walk directions here.
After sustained heavy rain, flooding can make the first stretch along the river impassable. If that's likely, take the alternative start through High Wood, rejoining the main walk at Binfield Heath by the Bottle & Glass (this would knock 3km. off the length, making the remainder of the full walk more feasible - about 2 more hours from the Maltsters). Mr Sun goes bye-byes at 15:55.

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Sandy said...

4 of us got off the train at Shiplake, and before we could set off we were joined by three more travelling by car, making n=7 in w=generally-fine weather for this beautiful walk. with pleasant riverside and woodland sections and just a few bits of heavy mud. We decided for lunch at the Bottle and Glass owing to the time and likelihood of pressure on seating. This proved to be a good decision as the fully-booked pub squeezed the lunchers in for a quick bite; the modest dishes they chose looked delicious. Everyone did the recommended shorter finish. Three front-runners got to Henley just in time to fit in tea and coffee - sorry I've forgotten the name of the place we went - before the 1553 train.