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Wednesday, 4 December 2019

Christmas Party

Ho Ho Ho, it is that time of the year, we are getting together once again to celebrate this wonderful walking club and to thank our webmaster and walk posters/trip organisers for their tireless hard work throughout the year.

The party will be held at the familiar venue The Ship - 68 Borough Road, Southwark, London, SE1 1DX from 6:30pm.  

As in the previous years, the club will provide some nibbles and snacks.  If you wish to have dinner in the pub, normal bar menu is available.  Food served till 9pm.  You can find menu here

Here is a toast to another year of SWC Walking Club.  Merry Christmas everyone!


Walker said...

Thanks, Lucilla, for your efforts in organising this. For those who don’t know, it is not easy to find a venue in the run-up to Christmas that offers a function room without a hefty up-front deposit or minimum per person charge. Lucilla, our resident master negotiator, always has to jump through several hoops with The Ship to secure our slot, so be sure to support her efforts by turning up

Anonymous said...

Yes. Thank you, Lucilla. Turn up promptly,folks, as the Function Room is very small.

Anonymous said...

Ta for organising, Luc. Yes. Know the pub. Yes. Good bar staff. Be early and find someone interesting asap, as you will struggle to move around much. Ta muchly also to our fantastic walk schedulers. We are blessed. Happy Xmas.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for a great year of walking in 2019 - regular weekend excursions and trips away. Also a special mention for the evening walks which have introduced me to parts of Greater London I never knew existed. Here's to 2020!

Sandy said...

n=40+, w=pretty-warm in the upper room at full capacity; however, despite anonymous's comment, it was possible to circulate. A hearty vote of thanks to all organisers, posters, checkers and contributors through the year and Merry Christmas all.

Anonymous said...

Yes. Great that the event exists, but venue too small. Came and left quickly, and it was my first time. Uncomfortably hot. Cramped space not easy for newcomers, if you encourage new people? Please book a bigger venue for next year. Thank you very much. Seasons Greetings.