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Saturday, 1 June 2019

Crowhurst to Battle

CW 1 Walk 35 - Crowhurst to Battle

Length: 20km (12.4 miles). Toughness: 4/10

Catch the 9:15 from London Charing Cross arrives Crowhurst 10:46.

Buy a day return to Battle.

Return trains xx:07, xx:44, 17:07 17:37 18:07, 18:37, xx:07 until 22:07



Sandy said...

OK, so I didn't read the bit about not wearing shorts . . . my legs were still tingling from the 300m ordeal by nettle when I went to bed.
Enough about that . . . n=8 of us set off from Crowhurst including one newcomer, in w=hot-and-sunny-all-day-with-a-bit-of-a-breeze-in-the-morning. The morning's walk was excellent, including the interesting micronavigation through the woods in the golf course, but we did need some helpful horse-riders to point out the path for us at para 24. 2 of us had sandwiches by the interesting St John the Baptist church then joined the others, who seemed very happy with their lunch in the quiet New Inn.
I have to say I didn't enjoy the afternoon so much, it wasn't just the thousands of nettle stings, there was a lot of walking along busy roads and the heat probably played a part too. Everyone dispersed in Battle, to various tea rooms, pubs or the station, and in at least one case the Abbey. Thanks all, especially for the antiseptic cream :-(

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to thank DAC for posting my walk request. I am glad that I got to walk it with the group and really enjoyed it. Although I do feel bad about Sandy's nettle trial...

Sandy said...

Entirely my fault, Anonymous; please don't feel bad!