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Saturday, 1 June 2019

Saturday Walk: Maidenhead to Marlow

8.8 miles / 14.2 km
(see walk details for possible extensions and shortcuts)

A morning walk along the banks of the River Thames to lunch in Cookham, followed by an afternoon stretch over Winter Hill for views of the Thames Valley.

Trains: Take the 9:57 train from London Paddington (10:05 Ealing Broadway), arriving at Maidenhead at 10:34.  Return trains are at xx:06, change at Maidenhead.  Buy a return to Marlow.

Lunch: Cookham has several good options - in a short stretch of the High Street you can find The Kings Arms, the Teapot Tea Shop, Bel and the Dragon, The Crown and many others.

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Anonymous said...

Having just read the description for this walk it mentions Victorians messing about in boats and Jerome K Jerome which led me to seeing this piece

We went through Maidenhead quickly, and then eased up, and took leisurely that grand reach beyond Boulter's and Cookham locks. Clieveden Woods still wore their dainty dress of spring, and rose up, from the water's edge, in one long harmony of blended shades of fairy green. In its unbroken loveliness this is, perhaps, the sweetest stretch of all the river, and lingeringly we slowly drew our little boat away from its deep peace.

From 3 men in a boat Jerome K Jerome

Anonymous said...

About n=20 gathered at Maidenhead station (I lost the count), given w=hot_and_sunny, this short and relatively easy walk along the River Thames was just what the doctor has ordered. The morning segment was along the River Thames with very urban feel to it. We met two walkers en Route who had taken the Marlow train at Maidenhead in order to avoid the Metropolitan area. We arrived at Cookham before 12:30. Three decided to visit Stanley Spencer gallery before lunch. A group went to Bel and Dragon for lunch. Apparently, the food was expensive but rather mediocre. Four decided to try the White Oak, a bit off the track but it turned out to be well worth the effort. Gourmet lunch with the price to match though. The group was split in the afternoon, with the Bel & Dragon group went ahead, had tea in Marlow and caught 4:06 train just when the later group arrived in Marlow, who after tea and cake, decided to enjoy the river view in cool breeze before catching 6:06 train back to London.