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Wednesday, 27 November 2019

Wednesday Walk Riddlesdown to Kingswood

Riddlesdown to Kingswood T=2.15

Length: 9.3 miles (15km)  (walk time 4.5 hrs). Shortcuts possible after lunch.

Considering that it starts in the suburbs of London (and within the boundaries of London Transport Travelcard zone six), this walk passes through some remarkably unspoilt countryside. The start, is the standard walk as far as the Fox lunch Pub. You then need the directions for the alternative ending to get to Kingsdown ("highly recommended - Walker")

After the Fox, you could also take a shortcut to end in Coulsdon South.

Trains: Get the 1020 East Grinstead train from Victoria Clapham 1027, East Croydon 1040, arriving 1048. Return trains are xx16 & xx46. These are zone 6 stations so use Oyster.

Lunch: The large Fox pub (6.2km, 3.9 miles), which generally has good service.


Anonymous said...

how many kilometres would that be? has brexit already happened?

PeteG said...

n=7 with an initial w=sunny start followed by w=rain mid morning. 6 got to the Fox, with 1 trailing behind. With a bus imminent and the rain, 4 abandoned the walk. 2 stalwarts carried on, with one planning a route to Coulsdon.

Mr M Tiger said...

Sunny on the train out, sunny on the train back, rainy in between. There was more rain in the afternoon. Lots of it. A splishy sploshy walk, swampy wampy, even, in places. Two hardnuts carried on to Coulsdon, the fore-mentioned stalwart and the trailing one. The trailing one dropped into the Fox for a quick half but didn't see the others. No wonder, they were on a bus! So the trailing one pressed on and the stalwart eventually caught up with him.(Now how did that happen? An extra shortcut maybe?)

Anonymous said...

... and 1 went on to Kingswood. Well done that man!

Walker said...

Well done indeed.

When could they say till now that talked of Rome
That its wide walls encompassed but one man?

(Shakespeare: Julius Caesar)