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Wednesday, 6 November 2019

Wednesday Walk Farnham to Godalming - River Wey, Waverley Abbey and Peper Harrow Park

Book 1 Walk 12 - Farnham to Godalming

Length: 20.6 km (12.8 miles)
Toughness: 6 out of 10

Either (for Senior Railcard holders - and Clapham Junctioners)
London Waterloo: 09-53 hrs   Alton service    CJ  10-0 hrs   Woking 10-30 hrs
Arrive Farnham: 10-55 hrs

Or (for non-Senior Railcard holders)
London Waterloo: 10-00 hrs  Portsmouth Harbour service  (Does not stop at Clapham Junction)
Arrive Woking: 10-24 hrs     Change trains
Leave Woking: 10-30 hrs    On Alton service
Arrive Farnham: 10-55 hrs


Godalming to Waterloo: 11, 25, 38 and 51 mins past the hour (plus 17-41 hrs)

Rail ticket: Buy a day return to Farnham plus a single from Godalming to Woking

Today's walk starts and ends along the River Wey. In between it passes close to the ruins of Waverley Abbey and heads through woods and along sandy bridleways to your choice of lunch pub stops. The (usually excellent and homely) Barley Mow pub is some 6.25 km into the walk at Tilford. Continue on for another 2.75 km and you will reach The Donkey pub in Charleshill, the traditional stop on this walk. Whichever pub you plan to stop at, best 'to phone ahead with numbers.
After lunch the walk takes you through more woods and along more sandy bridleways until you reach the Peper Harrow Estate (with only one 'pee"). Soon afterwards the walk returns to the River Wey for a relaxing river path walk all the "way" into Godalming.  Proprietors or Managers of the tea options listed in the Directions will all welcome your walk-end custom.
Although I do not promise today's walk will be totally mud-free, the sandy paths help keep footbed conditions reasonably dry, making this walk suitable to do after lengthy periods of steady rain or in winter.
Walk Directions are here: L=1.12

1 comment:

Walker said...

N=9 of us. W=Sunny-to-midday-then-cloudy. Glorious autumn colours. Beech, larch, sweet chestnut all at their golden best and many oaks looking good too. Kestrels, a kingfisher (seen by one), still some fungi, pink spindle berries.

Two of us had lunch at The Donkey. Some tried to feed the donkey carrots but it was not interested. Some sandwichistas left early but others drank with the diners. Most (all?) of us finished the walk in the daylight, to my surprise. Of my group, only I went for tea in Godalming, the others being keen to rush home and catch the height of the rush hour.

Mid afternoon a lady coming the other way announced cheerfully “You are lost!” She had deduced this from the fact we were on her land and not on a right of way. Otherwise direction finding was trouble free. Despite its length this walk was a perfect fit for a November day. Minimal mud.