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Sunday, 3 November 2019

Sunday Walk: Little Kimble to Saunderton

SWC walk 10
17 km 10.6 miles
Difficulty 5/10
This chilterns walk is good for autumn colour. Starts off flat, gets bumpier.
Train: Get the 10:13 Aylesbury train from Marylebone, arriving Little Kimble at 11:08.
Trains return from Saunderton at xx:50 platform 1.
Get a return to Little Kimble.
Lunch: The Pink and Lily 01494 489 857 (a pub once favoured by Rupert Brooke).
An earlier option would be the Plough 01844 343 302 (where David Cameron left his daughter).
Tea: The Golden Cross is handy for the station.
Directions: here
There are one or two minor navigational challenges en route. The notes recommend using a compass but here’s a few tips.
  • Entering the woods after lunch (Monkton Wood), turn right and keep to the track at the right hand edge – this track is not immediately obvious.
  • Later on, after point [13], near the corner of the wire fence (top of p6), your direction of travel is onward down the escarpment to a wooden gate. Use the path a little to your left to get down.
  • Shortly after this descent, you reach a car wide track (2nd para page 6). If concerned about the light, you could follow this track down to the A4010 and turn right along the pavement towards the Golden Cross and station (about 1 km.).

1 comment:

Mr M Tiger said...

N=10 today. W=dry-start-then-very-light-rain-getting-heavier-then-fine-pm. At lunch, one of our number headed off for Princes Ris fearing more rain. And what happened? The sun came out. We were so smug.
A varied and very pretty walk. Wonderful colours in the beech woods. There were some comments about the directions being vague in places. It could do with a clarity check. Like that corner of the wire fence top of page 6. And a bit I noticed today, approaching Solinger farm. The directions say “follow the bridleway for 700 m ignoring ways off” But at one point there’s a fork. Which fork’s the way off? Eh? Eh?(You take the right fork actually).
The Pink and Lily fine. The Golden Cross fine. But when is this fad for pale ale going to die out? Soon I hope.