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Saturday, 7 September 2019

Yalding to Borough Green via West Peckham


Length: 17km (10m)
Toughness: 3 / 10
Transport: Take the 10:15 train from London Charing Cross, change at Tonbridge for the 11:04 to Yalding arriving at 11:18. As Sean pointed out in the comments below you have 6 minutes to change platforms in Tonbridge with this connection. If this is too tight, take the 10:10 from London Charing Cross and change at Paddock Wood which requires a 13 minutes wait on the same platform. Return trains from Borough Green are at xx:18 and xx:48.

This is a pleasant walk in Kentish countryside, passing the Elizabethan Manor house Roydon Hall before breaking for lunch at the cozy Swan on the Green at West Peckham (follow Option 2 of the instructions, they usually have still cider for those partial to that beverage). The walk continues through Mereworth Woods before finishing in Borough Green. There is a newish cafe called Melias Place (open until 17:00) which looked attractive from the outside last time I passed by.


Sean said...

It would be less stressful to catch the 10:10 and change at Paddock Wood for the Yalding train (same platform; arr 10:58, dep 11:10). If you're on the 10:15 you only have six minutes at best to scamper across to the other side of Tonbridge station.

Anonymous said...

I do recommend changing at Paddock Wood. One person missed the connection at Tonbridge on last week's walk and had to wait an hour for the next train.

Anonymous said...

Yep, I also had to pay the extra rail fare for the one-stop journey to Leigh.

Anonymous said...

So do we get a day return to Borough Green?

Sean said...

Jimbo: the walk notes suggest getting a return to Yalding. This is slightly more expensive than BG and in practice Southeastern staff seem to accept this. If you meet a particularly uncooperative revenue inspector on the way back you could argue that a Yalding ticket is valid for return via Maidstone and BG is on this route.

Mike A said...

Fifteen arrived at Yalding Station - Welcome newcomers! Two more who caught an earlier train were briefly encountered at St. Michael's Church so n=17 in total for the statisticians. An autumnal sort of a day with w=stunning_cumulus_intermingled_with_a_warming_sun_and_a_few_spots_of_rain_at_lunch
There'd been a massive development just outside Yalding Station since last I walked there with 16 or so private dwellings springing up adjacent to the first footpath of the walk (which had thankfully survived). St. Michael's Church always a delight to visit was open for all to take a peek. Beadles Forge just before West Peckham continued to display a delightful selection of colourful, if slightly bizarre metal objects in its front garden ... and shortly after most had lunch at The Swan ( A few a little later due to navigational issues) . Plenty of apple orchards and poly tunnels full of strawberries/raspberries in the afternoon leg with some walkers going slightly of piste through the scenic village of Basted with its picturesque pond formed from the river Bourne which runs through the village. Eight or so met at Melias Place cafe which had excellent cakes, amiable staff and is thoroughly recommended. Some interesting conversations on language followed tea where the German for cuff links was divulged followed by a microbiology chat on interesting parasites. (I must confessed I missed the connection there). Anyhow we all headed for the station to catch the 5:18 back to the Metropoles after a great day out in good company.