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Sunday, 8 September 2019

Sunday Walk: A Canterbury Canter through Kentish Orchards and Pubs

SWC 121 – Canterbury Circular  T=swc.121

Distance:  14 miles/22.5 km with option to shorten to 11.4 miles/18.3 km by catching train in Sturry

Difficulty:  2 out of 10

Train:  Take the 10:09 AM Canterbury train from London St. Pancras (10:16 from Stratford International), arriving at Canterbury West at 11:10. Return trains from Canterbury West are at 25 minutes past the hour until 22:25. Buy a day return to Canterbury.

This walk passes through gentle Kentish countryside and should make for a nice relaxing Sunday outing with lots of charming pubs to visit en route. Also, from recollection, the route passes a number of orchards which should be laden with fruit at this time year. The walk instructions provide some options to shorten the walk  -- most notably by catching a train in Sturry.  You can find more information about the walk and download the walk instructions here.

You will be spoiled for choice on this walk for lunch pubs.  The recommended options are the Rose Inn in Wickhambreaux (01227 721 763) – 6.9 miles/ 11.1 km into the walk; the Duke William (01227 721 308) in Ickham (requiring a short diversion) – 6.8 miles/11.0 km into the walk or the Red Lion in Stodmarsh – serving food until 3:30pm (01227 721 339) – 8.3 miles/13.8 km into the walk. Please do call ahead with numbers…. 

Tea and other late afternoon refreshments can be had at the Fordwich Arms pleasantly located overlooking the Stour River. Canterbury also has a number of options for post walk libations (slightly off the walk route – the Parrot is a very pleasant pub).

Enjoy the walk!

1 comment:

Tony said...

n=6 walkers met at the exit of Canterbury West and enjoyed perfect walking weather: w=warm-and-sunny-with-a-cooling-breeze.

The group split into three pairs with the back-markers clearly in no hurry and no doubt tempted to tarry - as we all were - by the fascinating narrow, twisty streets in the ancient heart of Canterbury.

With not much cover from the sun, many field borders and few woodlands, some windfall apples from the orchard took the edge off our appetites as we made good progress to lunch at the Red Lion: we enjoyed a hearty meal without too long a wait.

The afternoon walking featured a number of quaint villages and then hugged the river bank back into the centre of Canterbury where - regrettably - most of the favourite tea stops were closed. The 'Spoons, however, was open so hot drinks and a light meal were a welcome distraction whilst waiting for the next train and a swift return to London.

Though 14 miles we enjoyed an undemanding walk in very pleasant Kentish countryside.