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Wednesday, 4 September 2019

Wednesday Walk Hitchin Circular

Hitchin Circular  T=swc.234

Length: 14.3 miles (23km)  6 out of 10 - option at the end to do 2.5km for the full walk

"This Hertfordshire walk covers the hilly area west of Hitchin. The morning route leads along farm tracks, field boundaries, shaded grassy lanes and through a few woods across the most north easterly ridge of the Chilterns, in Great Offley, to the steep chalk downlands of Pegsdon Hills and Knocking Hoe, dissected by quiet flat-bottomed valleys, which form the scenery around the lunch stop in Pegsdon.

From Knocking Hoe the ancient Icknield Way leads to the pretty village of Pirton, with its impressive remains of a motte-and-double bailey castle and traces of an abandoned medieval village."

Trains: Get the 1001 Thameslink Cambridge train from St Pancras (London Bridge 0946, Blackfriars 0951 - this train is from Brighton, so there are multiple joining points) arriving Hitchin 1038. Frequent return trains.

Lunch: .The Live and Let Live in Pegsdon (13.7 km/8.5 mi, food 1200-1500), so a late lunch.


PeteG said...

n=8 on a W=sunny-with-a-nice-breeze day. We lost one regular who stopped to get water. 5 took the lunchtime shortcut with 2 pressing on to the Pegsdun Hills, stopping in the pub after a picnic. 4 other walkers ordered just before us, & their food arrived just as we were finishing our pints, so not too bad. We all took the shorcut ending into town, stopping at the Molly Malone at different times. The Nightingale is now flats.

Anonymous said...

3 of the 5 short cutters took a further unofficial shortcut but still ended up totalling a healthy 11.8 miles.