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Tuesday, 3 September 2019

Evening Walk - A Wooded Common in Sarf London: Mitcham Common (broadly map-led)

Length: 4.7 km
Ascent: negligible
Net Walking Time: 1 hour

Take the 18.26 Horsham train from Victoria (Clapham J 18.33), arrives Mitcham Junction Station at 18.46.
You can also take a Thameslink train via Elephant (St. Pancras 17.57, …, Blackfriars 18.06, Elephant 18.10, stations via Herne Hill), that arrives at 18.37 and wait a few minutes.
Return trains are 7 per hour to either Victoria, Waterloo (via Wimbledon) or Thameslink stations.
Mitcham Junction is in Zone 4, and also a Tram Stop on the Wimbledon to East Croydon line.

This walk gets a very cautious write-up by its author. Let’s be checking it out…
Mitcham Common is in medium sized open space in south London. It is a bit run-down and unloved. Good for a stroll if you live nearby, but not worth a long journey. It is bisected by several roads, some busy, and much of it is taken up by a golf course. However, there are long term plans to link it with Beddington Park via a former Sewage works turned wetlands nature reserve.
There are noticeboards/maps at the entrance to each region of the common.” 

Eat/Drink: 2 pubs on the common, and a carvery in a former stately house nearby. 

For walk directions, map and gpx/kml files click here. T=short.18

1 comment:

Thomas G said...

The good thing about managed expectations is that one can easily be nicely surprised, and so were we today. Yes, some roads, a common rather than a manicured park. But clear paths, varied trees, some fine clearings, a very fine pond, a couple of modest hills with surround views, no rubbish strewn about, no dangerous dogs (or people), not many people at all really. We liked it. The sparse directions and the gpx didn't always follow the same route, but it is difficult to get lost, as (see above) there are lots of roads around the Common, giving you a grid within which to stay.
Near the end, we turned into The Ravensbury for a drink and a chat.
n=3 walkers off 3 different trains on a w=pleasant-summer-evening .