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Sunday, 8 September 2019

Sunday Walk: Saunderton via Lacey Green to Princes Ris or Saunderton

Book 2 walk 2 + extra download
12.6 miles (20.3 km), or 8.1mls (13 km)
Difficulty 5/10
A variation on a chilterns classic with two possible endings. You start with alternative directions along the east side of the Saunderton valley, through Lacey Green. You then cross the valley to join the traditional route. Later, after lunch in Bledlow, you can continue on the main walk back to Saunderton station…or follow a shorter route to Princes Risborough.
Trains: Get the 10:13 Aylesbury train from Marylebone arriving Saunderton 10:53.
Return from Saunderton at xx:50.
Return from Princes Risborough at xx:20 and xx:45.
A return to Princes Risborough (the furthest station) is a few pence more than one to Saunderton.
Lunch: You’ll  probably pass The Whip in Lacey Green 01844 344060 a little too early for lunch.
The recommended stop is the Lions of Bledlow 01844 343345, a Mr Tiger favourite.
Bledlow's Lyde Garden is worth a quick visit and is a possible picnic place. The entrance is near the church.
Tea: On the Saunderton ending, the Boot is passed first. Has a nice garden.
The Golden Cross is nearer the station. It’s on the main road, just past the station turn-in. Also has a garden.
Your best bet in Princes Risborough is The Bird in Hand on Station Road 01844 345602. Fairly near the station but on the far side. Found by following the direction “(i) continue ahead into Princes Risborough for a pub” They don’t do hot drinks.
Directions:  available here.
You need two sets of directions: the main book 2 walk (on the “download walk” button) and the alternative directions (on the ”finish in Princes Risborough” button).
Start with the alternative directions (headed "Saunderton to Princes Risborough") and follow these until they join the main walk. This is just before point [3] in the main text. After lunch, either continue on the main walk to Saunderton (left out of the Lions pub) or switch back to the alternative directions for Princes Risborough (right out of the pub).

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Anonymous said...

N=9 W=sunny-warm-breezy. The morning variation was an agreeable twist on this Saunderton staple. Three took a shortcut avoiding Bledlow and the steep scrabble up Chinnor Hill. The others either lunched or picnicked in Bledlow. Two returned via Princes Risborough.