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Sunday, 1 September 2019

Sunday walk: Hertfordshire woodlands

Broxbourne Circular
Length: 24.3km (15.1 miles) Toughness: 7/10

09:57 Cambridge train from Liverpool Street (Tottenham Hale 10:10) arriving at Broxbourne at 10:23.
Or 09:44 Hertford East train from Stratford arriving Broxbourne at 10:15.
Return trains from Broxbourne to Liverpool Street are at xx:16 and xx:47 (journey time 27 mins)
Return trains from Broxbourne to Stratford are at xx:27 and xx:55 (journey time 30 minutes
Return trains from Bayford to Moorgate, calling at numerous stations in north London are at xx17 and xx:47 (journey time 50 minutes).

If returning from Bayford, the outward and return journeys are on separate, non-intersecting, lines operated by different train companies, so you’ll probably need two single tickets. If you plan to do the full circular walk back to Broxbourne the ticketing issue won’t be a problem. The easiest option is to use an Oyster card, since both stations are within the Oyster zone.

This walk follows a circuitous route that explores age old trails, paths and green lanes through a diverse woodland setting. As always when walking in woods, following the written directions carefully is essential, and a map and compass are recommended. In the afternoon it is possible to divert to Bayford, cutting the walk’s distance to 11.7 miles.

The recommended lunch stop is The Woodman & Olive (01992 463719) in Wormley West End. As always on a Sunday, reserving a table is advisable.

You will need to download the Walk Directions.


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