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Saturday, 18 May 2019

Nunhead to Peckham Rye - Nunhead Cemetery open day

A requested walk for the Nunhead to Peckham Rye short

Length 5 miles (8 km)
Toughness 1 out of 10

Getting there

Catch the 10:36 Gravesend train from London Victoria (Platform 7 at the time of writing) arriving  at Nunhead 10:51
Catch the 10:46 Sevenoaks train from London Blackfriars arriving at Nunhead 11:03

If you are travelling from Victoria, please wait for walkers who have travelled from Blackfriars

Getting back

Peckham Rye Station is served by the East London (Overground) Line, Thameslink and Sutton & Mole Valley services; trains go to Dartford, London Bridge, Victoria, Highbury & Islington, Blackfriars, Sevenoaks, West Croydon, Beckenham Junction and Clapham Junction.

Plan your journey here. 


Buy an Oyster or Travelcard to cover your starting zone, any zones you will pass through and zone 2


One of our walkers has requested this walk to coincide with the Nunhead Cemetery open day.
Full details of this annual event may be found here 

More details of this walk may be found on the link below


Anonymous said...

This is a lovely walk in a not very well known corner of southeast London. Don't miss One Tree Hill, the Ivy House pub and Nunhead cemetery. For those not in a hurry, catch the choirs in the ruined chapel in the cemetery. Rumour has it that a Saturday walker is singing there with the One Tree Hill choir from 12.20 - 12.40!

Anonymous said...

More information on the Open day can be found here

Anonymous said...

where is "the link below"?

MoonBrain said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
MoonBrain said...

n=16 was the final count with the weather being w=morning_overcast_afternoon_sunny_intervals
The group visited the Nunhead Cemetery Open Day. There was consternation from some when they were told they were free to stay for the Open Day or continue on the walk themselves. A compromise was reached: anyone who wanted to continue with the group should be at an agreed meeting point in one hour. Thus they were able to enjoy what the event had to offer and then continue with the walk. This reporter decided to stay at the event but I was informed the group had lunch at the Watson Telegraph.

Was anyone able to identify the “singing SWC walker”?

Anonymous said...

Yes I recognised the walker that was singing
A male standing in the middle just half behind the conductor in his 50s with shiny pate and glasses and stands about 175 and for the life of me I can't remember his name though even if I could I don't think it would be politic to give it here.

Anonymous said...

The reason that the street outside Peckham Rye station was blocked with a throng of people and a police wagon with blue lights was not as at first feared a riot but Tyler The Creator about to give an impromptu concert that then got cancelled.
Man the place was heavin