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Sunday, 19 May 2019

A Sunday Saunter to Discover Dorking

SWC 274: Dorking Circular T=swc.274

Distance: 14.1 Miles (22.7 km) for the long version and 11.5 Miles (18.5 km) for the shorter main version (with shortcuts available -- see walk notes)

Difficulty: 8 out of 10 for the long version and 6 out of 10 for the shorter option

Train: Take the 10:02 Dorking (Main) train from London Waterloo to Dorking, arriving at 10:53. Return trains are at 07; 16 and 46 past the hour. Buy a day return to Dorking Stations.

Both the standard and longer versions of this walk have received a thumbs up on prior outings – so thought it a worthy destination for a Sunday Saunter in Spring… Both routes start and finish together and explore some pretty villages, valleys and escarpments near the North Downs close to Boxhill. The walk instructions and more details are available here.

The recommended lunchtime pub for the longer option is the Abinger Hatch in Abinger Common (01306 730 737) and for the shorter route is the familiar Stephan Langton in Friday Street (01306 730 775).

Dorking has a number of post walk watering holes to discover….

Enjoy the walk!


Marc Ricketts said...

What about a Walk to Kelvedon?

Thomas G said...

Hi Marc, the Kelvedon Circular walk has just had an outing on 7 April, so it will probably be a while before it gets posted again. Regards

Anonymous said...

hello asking for some clarity - on the PDF - it says the long version is 11 miles and the shorter version 9 miles - however, this paragraph says 14 and 11? also a few short cuts is the shorter version referring to omitting Friday street? - many thanks

Anonymous said...

oh you can ignore my comment above!! - I have worked it out - a longer route and a main route - sorry - many thanks!!! Hayley

Anonymous said...

Ok am doing the 11 miler tomorrow

Stargazer said...

Seven gathered for formalities on the platform...leaving the question of long or short open....and were joined by two others in the station lobby...making for a total of n=9 in w=humid-and-cloudy-conditions. The group stayed together until the decision point where we split nearly in half, with 4 doing the standard 11 mile route and the other 5 the longer 14 mile route. On the longer route, the terrain was varied and enjoyed lunch in the garden of the Abinger Hatch (in a fine mist, under an umbrella) -- lovely food...the other 4 eventually joined for a drink and we set off again together for a roller coaster of an afternoon -- upping and downing all the way to Dorking....where 3 enjoyed some bevies in the Kings Arms on West Street -- a very charming and historic part of Dorking -- before catching the 18:07.