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Thursday, 16 May 2019

Evening walk - Ruislip Woods and Lido

Ruislip Woods and Lido
Time: 19:00
Distance: 6km

Meet 19:00 prompt at the entrance hall of Ruislip Manor underground station.

Finish up at the Waters Edge PH for drink / meal.

H13 return bus from Ruislip Lido to Ruislip station xx:00 xx:30.



DAC said...

Intend going

Thomas G said...

4 walkers on time, one lagging, catching us up at The Waters Edge big chain-pub at the Lido. n=5 Plenty of birdsong in the woods, and not many other people, so a perfect quiet walk on dry and hard ground. 1 took a bus back to the tube from the Lido, the others took a variant route back, around the Lido (plenty of Mayflies), then through Pinn Meadows for a meal at a Bangladeshi restaurant near the tube. A fine evening in w=dry-and-warm weather.