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Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Wednesday Walk Sunningdale to Windsor - Azaleas in Valley Gardens, Windsor Great Park - and the Long Walk to Windsor Castle

Book 1 Walk 18 - Sunningdale to Windsor

Length: 17 km (10.6 miles)
Toughness: 2 out of 10

There is an option to end walk in Staines

London Waterloo: 10-20 hrs    Reading service    CJ 10-28 hrs
Arrive Sunningdale: 11-07 hrs

Return:  Windsor and Eton Riverside to Waterloo:  23 and 53 mins past the hour
              Windsor and Eton Central to Paddington (changing at Slough): 19 and 59 mins past the hour to 17-19, then 17-39 and 18-00 hrs

Rail ticket: buy a day return to Windsor stations, plus a single from Staines to Sunningdale

This is the best time of year to go on this walk, as the azaleas should be in full bloom and the rhododendrons should be coming into flower.

Purist country walkers are a bit "sniffy" over calling this walk a country walk, as sections of the walk  are suburban - but lovers of a good walk should ignore the "sniffers" - and just enjoy it - with its lovely gardens, parkland, and the famous "Long Walk" at  walk-end, towards Windsor Castle which, for a tired walker, never seems to get any nearer.

Lunch today can be taken in the Savill Garden Restaurant - a large cafeteria serving hot and cold dishes. For those who eventually make it to the end of the Long Walk in front of Windsor Castle, Windsor town's many nearby cafes and pubs await your custom.
For the Staines walk ending, and more information on Windsor Great Park, please refer to the Walk Directions here: L=1.18


Anonymous said...

Tea at Archie's?

Anonymous said...

Re. the alternative ending in Staines. First of all there’s a bit of road walking on none too quiet roads. The pub is also closed and boarded up. However the descent through woods to the John F Kennedy followed by the Magna Carta memorials is lovely. This is followed by a long delightful stretch of the Thames Path all the way to Staines. Of note along the river is the new (to me anyway) statue of our present Queen gazing over the river and with some seating and an ice cream van at her feet. Joe.

Marcus said...

Good to learn that Joe and another walker enjoyed their walk-ending in Staines, having said goodbye to the rest of us at the Savill Garden cafeteria. n=14 of us alighted from the train at Sunningdale on a w=glorious-sunny-warm-day to set out on today's walk. The azaleas and rhododendrons in Valley Gardens did not disappoint - some stunning, bright colours with flowers in full bloom. At said Gardens our group separated as we explored the many paths through the hilly Gardens, but most reassembled at the Totem pole or shortly afterwards at the Savill Gardens cafeteria, which was busy but not too busy: diners (about 7 of us) did not have to wait too long for our meals to arrive. Sitting at two outdoor tables with sandwichers who joined us we were able to relax before setting out on the afternoon leg of the walk, still in glorious sunshine. We opted for the original TO Book route rather than the Copper Horse route, and we had fun trying to figure out the correct way given those GPS gizmos showed different routes to the Book's Directions. My version, circa 1902 on vellum, did not let me down. Whilst off piste, thanks to the gizmos, we encountered a large (100 plus) herd of roe deer, which took an interest in us from a safe distance. We joined the Long Walk a mile north of the Copper Horse, but even cutting out the opening section, the walk seemed to go on for ever - that darn castle never getting any nearer. Along the way we were "serenaded" by jet engine noise from overhead planes descending to Heathrow: it was most remiss of me not to have arranged a flight path diversion to Southampton.
Having reached Windsor, one of us headed straight for the Riverside station, whilst eight stopped at the Boatman pub on the river (behind the railway station) for an enjoyable drink in the afternoon sun before the few minute walk to the station to board the 17-23 hrs train back to London.
A lovely day's walking in best SWC company.