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Friday, 9 November 2018

The Wider Earth - a play at Jerwood Theatre inside Natural History Museum at 19:30

Join the 22-year-old Darwin on HMS Beagle's daring voyage to the far side of the world, and discover the gripping story behind one of the most important discoveries in history.  The Wider Earth features remarkable puppetry, an original score and cinematic animations to bring to life uncharted landscapes. Where would it be a better place than Natural History Museum to host this fascinating play?
To book, click here.  If you look for cheaper seats, a press review suggests to book at the back of the theatre rather than in the front as the set is very large, you get better view from the back. 

Meet inside the theatre or at the interval.


Anonymous said...

Several have booked. Lucilla

Unknown said...

Hi, I've booked for this. Do let me know if people are meeting earlier before the show.