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Thursday, 16 August 2018

Evening Walk - Oxshott Circular: West End and Esher Commons

Length: 8.8 km (5.5 mi)
Net Walking Time: 2 hrs          

Take the 18.03 Guildford train from Waterloo (Vauxhall 18.08, CJ 18.13, then Earlsfield, Wimbledon 18.20, Surbiton 18.28, Hinchley Wood and Claygate), arrives Oxshott 18.41.
Returns: xx.00 and xx.30.

Ponds, Woods and Commons still inside the M25, but already in Surrey.

Eat/Drink: The Prince of Wales, West End Common, Esher (Chef & Brewer), halfway through the walk.

For walk directions, map and gpx/kml files click here. T=short.17


Thomas G said...

n=6 walkers off a crowded commuter train (at least to Surbiton it was standing room only) in w=mainly-cloudy-but-dry weather. A - to me - surprisingly undulating and varied landscape, with some sandy paths, plenty of (not so vibrant) heather, lots of woods and even a cliff overlooking the Mole Valley! Plus a nice pub at the halfway point.
Directions are on the sparse side of sparse, so map and compass came in very handy indeed, as occasionally did the line on a screen. We had a drink and some bar food at the pub, meaning that those 40 minutes in there guaranteed that we'd finish in darkness, and that the fading light long before darkness would necessitate the use of smart-phone torches in the woods to check map and compass. Despite that we lost the path only once with any serious consequences (pathless through ferns and brambles for 150m or so), but we blamed that on the gpx route not being accurate along that stretch..
Either way: great fun. 22.00 train.

Karen said...

A nice short walk very close to London. From train platform to heathland a mere 20 metres or so. Nice pub in a pretty village.