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Saturday, 18 August 2018

Peak District 4-Dayer (or 5, or 3, or Weekend, or Daytrip)

Saturday SWC 302 Bamford to Edale via Win Hill and Great Ridge
Sunday SWC 315  Hathersage Circular via Bretton Clough and Eyam
Monday SWC 303 Edale Circular via Kinder Scout and Mam Tor
Tuesday SWC 304 Kinder Scout Circuit from Edale
Wednesday A Recce Walk, likely: Hathersage Circular via Higger Tor/Carl Wark, Padley Gorge and Grindleford

Convenient accommodation is available along the Hope Valley Line in New Mills, Chinley, Edale, Hope, Bamford, Hathersage, Grindleford, Dore, Sheffield.


Gavin said...

Has anyone booked accommodation for this. If so where, Thank you, Gavin

Thomas G said...

Several people have, in Edale and Hathersage, as far as I know. If you book, book with free cancellation, just in case there are trackwork related reasons for postponing the whole thing.

Gavin said...

looks quite expensive apart from hostels in both haversage and edale. Might camp, Gavin

Anonymous said...

Hi Thomas,

I went there for Eastern and chained some walks nicely:
266 - Sheffield to Bamford (amended to YHA Heathersage)
302 - Bamford (amended to YHA Heathersage) to Edale
304 - Kinder Scout Circuit (as variation I went along the south edge instead of the north due to time constraints and started at YHA Edale)

Have fun,

Thomas G said...

Wunderbar! Good to hear, that's what they're for.

Chris A said...

If travelling by public transport and camping try Hardhurst Farm very close to railway station and bus with a nice pub on the main road.

Anonymous said...

I booked a cottage at the old nags head in Edale for four nights (17th - 20th @ £430) and could potentially share with two three other people - there is a double and twin room and a sofa bed. email me on if interested

Anonymous said...

In the Nags Head, Edale, enjoying the 1577,

Anonymous said...

Sounds a group of early starters will be leaving on Saturday morning from Bamford station at 10:42.....Stargazer

Thomas G said...

28 walkers on day 1 plus 2 who due to recent injury/illness couldn't join the club walks (and explored Eyam, Castleton and Hathersage's heated pool instead). 2 new arrivals on day 2, 7 on day 3 and 1 on day 4. I make that 40 people in total. Thanks for coming along.