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Sunday, 10 December 2017

Carol Concert at 15.30 in Putney for about an hour with a walk and lunch before if you wish

Thanks to the Sunday posters for allowing this, a third short walk to be listed.

David the organist and a regular walker on a Saturday is part of a Carol Concert in Putney at
St Simon Stock Church, Hazlewell Road, Putney, SW15 6LU 
which starts at 3.30p.m on Sunday 10 December and will last about an hour and you are all invited.
It is in aid of the Royal Hospital of Neurodisabilty and Trinity Hospice.
Entrance is free but with a retiring collection and there will be refreshments after the Carol Concert.

If you would like to combine it with a walk of roughly say 6 miles ( google say 2 hours of walking but I would guess that that is optimistic ) then you can either grab your A to Z ( remember them ? ) or print out a google map of the area or use your smart phone 
OR follow Davids suggested directions here 

It is suggested that people meet at Richmond Station at 12.00 (District Line/Overground/SW trains) in the main ticket hall near the ticket machines. 
You can then walk up to the Richmond Gate of Richmond Park and from there it is a short walk to Pembroke Lodge,  where tea and food (Sunday Roast?) is available in "The Butlers Pantry" 
From there it is a walk east to the church which is in Italian style with a statue on the facadeo.

There will be refreshments after the Carol Concert.

To get back to civilisation you go right out of the Church and keep straight cross a mini
roundabout and go along St Johns Avenue, with the Polish Church on your right. 
You then hit Putney Hill from whence you can either go left down to the crossroads where
Putney Hill meets the Upper Richmond Road, just beyond which you will find
Putney, SW Trains Railway station (Trains to Waterloo/Victoria via Clapham
from St Johns Avenue/Putney Hill - go across Putney Hill
and then straight down the road and then turn left at the end and you are
on the Upper Richmond Road again. 
Do a right, then under the railway bridge and
you are at East Putney Underground Station (District Line). 

This is the branch from Wimbledon.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately can't make it but would love to do this if the opportunity comes up again.

Anonymous said...

N=2 weather was perfect.