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Monday, 11 December 2017

Evening walk - Riddlesdown to Coulsdon

CW2 15* - Riddlesdown to Coulsdon
Length: 9.9km (6.2 miles)

Catch the 18:23 train from London Victoria, arrives Riddlesdown 18:51.

Will stop for a drink / meal at the Fox PH, Coulsdon, to then walk onto Coulsdon South station (taking the reverse 3.7km route for the Coulsdon South start). Alternatively you can catch the 466 bus to East Croydon station.

* Standard Riddlesdown to Fox route, followed by the reverse of the Coulsdon South to Fox PH morning route



DAC said...

Intend going.

Sarah H said...

silly question about the timings - won't it be pitch black at that time?

DAC said...

won't it be pitch black at that time?

Not really. It is advisable to bring a torch for when walking through wooded areas; but by and large even with heavy cloud cover on the ground visibilty is not too bad.

Want to make the most of these dark evenings while they last...

Stargazer said...

Just n=2 set off from a w=cold-and-frosty platform under a w=starry-evening for an atmospheric journey through a pleasant greenbelt just south of London dabbled with a thin layer of crunchy snow. Route finding went smoothly with good ambient light and we encountered only three slightly treacherous icy patches -- one being the pub car park! At the pub, our numbers suddenly doubled (during the duration of the pub visit) as the SWC pub patrol was out in full force...