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Sunday, 22 October 2017

Sunday Walk - Liphook to Haslemere

Liphook to Haslemere Book 1 walk 6
15km (9.3 miles),
Gently uphill, gently downhill, almost entirely through mixed oak, beech and chestnut woods. After Shulbrede Priory in the middle of the woods, you reach the lunch pub by Fernhurst village green. Then, it's across forest streams, through Valewood Park and up into Haslemere. The afternoon path can get muddy.
Get the 10:00 to Portsmouth Harbour from Waterloo (Clapham Jct 10:09) arriving Liphook 11:25
Return from Haslemere at xx:17 and xx:42
Get a return to Liphook.
Lunch: The Red Lion, Fernhurst (tel 01428 643 112). Large groups should phone.
Tea: Two suggested places on Haslemere High Street, Darnleys (tel 01428 643 048) open till 5.00 pm. Hemingways (tel 01428 656904) open till 4.00 pm.
The Swan Inn and the White Horse Hotel  are also in the High Street. The station is ten minutes walk from there.
Walk Directions: here


Sarah H said...

At Liphook 6 alighted from the train and 2 caught up at lunch having done a sort of Haslemere circular, so =8 in total. The day was =sunny, bright and breezy, the fresh cool autumn wind rustling the trees. The colour was impressive with mainly yellows and green and the paths were like thick cushions with all the leaf fall. We got lost in the woods a few times, splitting up and rejoining again. A good lunch was enjoyed in the Red Lion, the service was incredibly quick and the stew was hearty. One decided to press on without lunch as he said he was in training for a trip to Mt Kilimanjaro (!). We had some rain as we decended into Haslemere but not much. The group split between Darnleys and the White Heart and we all got the 17:17 train back to town - a lovely day out.

Marcus said...

n=8 w=sunny-bright-and-breezy