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Sunday, 22 October 2017

Sunday Walk - Princes Risborough to Great Missenden

Princes Risborough to Great Missenden  Book1 walk 45
15.7km  9.8 miles
Difficulty 5/10

Yay, autumn! A classic chilterns walk with sloping fields, beech woods, three steep bits (one avoidable), fine views and chances of autumn colour.
Trains: get the 10:13 Aylesbury train from Marylebone, arriving Princes Risborough at 11:00.
Trains return from Great Missenden at xx:59 and xx:29.
A return to Aylesbury covers both journeys.
Directions: Get your directions here.
Lunch is at the walker-friendly Gate in Bryants Bottom 01494 488 632 phoning advised.
A later option is the Polecat serving till 3pm 01494 862 253.
Tea: The twit-friendly Cafe Twit, attached to Great Missenden's Roald Dahl museum, last orders 4:45.
The cafe at the station, The Pantry on Platform 1, may be open but, when I peered out of my first class compartment on a recent Sunday, it wasn't.
There's also the Cross Keys pub.

Cross keys



Anonymous said...

Love the art work!

Anonymous said...

Sounds good.

Anonymous said...

Sunday weather forecast is much better than Saturday, this walk will be a big hit as it also offers autumn color but hopefully in sunshine instead

Anonymous said...

Weather definitely better Sunday.Shall be attending. See you at Marylebone. Monica.

PeteB said...

n=14 on this excellent walk with the weather w=bright-and-breezy. Conditions underfoot good but with one or two muddy patches.

A fine walk with some excellent views but not much autumn colour; most of the trees just looking a bit "singed". The Gate is a lovely, cosy pub but here the group split up with the sandwich eaters departing before the "sunday roasters" had been served.

There's quite a tricky bit through Peterley Wood where the drifts of autumn leaves makes the route hard to find. We reached Great Missenden around 3.15 where all except me went to catch a 15. 29 mins train but I went for a drink in the excellent Cross Keys and met up with the others for the 13.59. (the two trains an hour don't start on Sundays until after 4pm! A classic autumn Sunday Chilterns outing.

Pedantic point: this 9.8m walk is rated 5/10 but I found it much tougher than the 13.4m Penshurst circular rated the same and which I did last Sunday. I think our toughness ratings has gone a little awry since the Book 1 days or is this a sign of increasing age! Interesting to hear from anyone who also did both walks.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Pete B that the Great Miss walk is tougher: three or so demanding hills make for a lively workout. Those who dined in the characterful Gate had a long wait, but the fine quality of the food made up for that. One sub-group had tea/coffee and café in Café Twit. Distinctive and tasty cakes, though the plastic cutlery and recyclable (?) plates suggest a staff canteen adjusting as it undergoes a deep clean. One lady walking with her friend at the rear, had trouble with her back, and I hope she rallied. Great walk in fine company: thanks to the author and editors.

Anonymous said...

...and cake in Café Twit...

Marcus said...

Noting the comments below on the walk's toughness rating, I book checked the walk's directions again yesterday, on a lovely sunny day, with leaf colour in Monkton Wood coming on nicely, and I agree the current rating is a little shy. It should be between 6 and 7, so in all probability I will show it as a 6 in the update on the website.