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Sunday, 4 June 2017

Petersfield to Liss

Petersfield to Liss Book 2, Walk 11.
17.2 km 11 miles (7 miles with shortcut)
Toughness 7/10

This walk takes you along the Hangers Way through unspoilt Hampshire countryside. There is a steep climb up Shoulder of Mutton Hill - with good views back - but you can take a longer gentler route up if you prefer. Later, there are good views down the other side, as is often the case with hills.
Trains:  Get the 09:30 Havant train from Waterloo (Clapham Jct. 09:39) arriving Petersfield 10:39.
Trains return from Liss at xx:29. Get a return to Petersfield
Lunch: The walker-friendly Hawkley Inn in Hawkley (01730 827205)  Phoning advised.
Tea: There are several tea places in Liss. Some are said to be open on Sundays - check out the High Street.
The Whistlestop pub, just past the station, will be open. It has been fairly friendly in the past.
An earlier option, the Spreadeagle  is only slightly off the walk route, on the road into Liss from the cemetery (Farnham Road), near the junction with Hawkley Road).
Directions: available here or in book 2.
Note that the short walk option in the directions (option a) has no lunch stop. The detour described is not a right of way.
This suggestion, from the comments page, would shorten the main walk's afternoon and reduce the total length to 7 miles. It isn't included in the walk text.
  • "Leave the Hawkley Inn and turn left onto the road instead of right, heading east. In 250m go straight across a T-junction and take the fenced footpath opposite between fields. In 350m turn right onto a lane, rejoining the main walk between [8] & [9], just after you would have passed a house called Uplands. Pick up the book directions at "In 200m you go steeply downhill..." 


Unknown said...

Hi, Where are can I meet you?

Mr M Tiger said...

We usually congregate on the platform after we get off the train. You may spot some walkers on the train. Recognisable by their boots. If they're carrying our directions, they're most likely on our walk.


Sandy said...

n=4 got off the train at Petersfield; one waited for a friend leaving three to complete the main walk in w=sunny weather. Lots of wild flowers e.g. orchids and scarlet pimpernel on Shoulder of Mutton hill. I can't report on the refreshment options I'm afraid, as the front group had a picnic lunch and two of us made a bolt for the train at Liss having got there with 2 minutes to spare.

Gavin said...

Yes, plus one = 5 on walk. Saw Orchids. Diverted to the Harrow at Steep (one of the top national inventory pubs, ie unchanged since time began, in the land), as well as the Hawkley and the Spread Eagle-which I also recommend-Gavin

Anonymous said...