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Sunday, 4 June 2017

Kelvedon Circular

Kelvedon Circular
SWC Walk 216
Toughness 3/10
Length: 16.3 or 19.3 or 23.2 km  = 10.1 or 12 or 14.4 miles.
Highlights of this Essex walk include stretches of the Blackwater river, old mills, medieval abbey buildings, and Grange Barn, said to be the oldest timber-framed building in Europe. The town of Coggeshall has over 300 listed buildings, many of them medieval, including Paycockes (a 15th C merchants house). The length can be adjusted by missing out or shortening a morning loop that takes you past Marks Hall Gardens & Arboretum.
Take the 10:02 Ipswich train from Liverpool Street, arriving Kelvedon at 11:00.
Return trains at xx:41.
There are many options in Coggeshall, see the walk notes. Some of the pubs (eg Chapel Inn, Woolpack) are ancient.
If doing the full walk you could also visit Bouchier’s Barn Café at Marks Hall (01376 563 796).
The Sun Inn, Feering Hill (01376 570 442) is recommended. There's also the earlier Bell Inn, in Feering,(01376 570 375) and the later Railway Tavern in Kelvedon. (01376 570293)
Things to visit 
If you want to look inside Grange Barn and Paycockes, combined admission is £7 (free for NT).
Marks Hall Gardens & Arboretum. Admission £6. (£5.50 for old-timers, RHS free)
Walk Directions here.


Anonymous said...

I am thinking of doing this walk. Is any one else doing this walk as well?

Anonymous said...

There will be at least one more.

Anonymous said...

Excellent walk. Recommended - did it last year. Don't let the Essex label put you off!

Christel said...

Yes! We are going!

Christel said...

Morning! We will wait for you in Kelvedon station

See you there!

Karen said...

n=16 w=sunny_with_big_blue_Essex_sky

16 (I think) people and 1 dog departed from the car park at Kelvedon train station. Most arrived by train, but a few by car. (2 gentlemen were spotted with the SWC printout of the walk at the Grange Barn, but they were doing the walk independently.) A great day under big blue skies and through fields of green: wheat(?), blackcurrant bushes, some sort of beans. Those that took the scenic extension before Coggeshall enjoyed the sight of dozens of iridescent dragonflies flitting about in the long grass by the stream.

I picnicked with 2 others in Coggeshall and we took a good long walk around the town. There was a garden open day where for a small fee you could visit some of the gardens tucked away behind the fascinating buildings, so there were quite a few visitors milling about. Lots of interesting details on the old buildings. Not sure if it's a permanent fixture or just there for the open day, but there was a great miniature steam train running through the front garden of one house. A town worth visiting.

8 at least did the long version of the walk. 3 of us just missed the 18:41 train back to London, so had a bite to eat and a drink at The Sun Inn. Caught the 19:41.