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Saturday, 6 May 2017

London Loop revisited

Chigwell to Harold Wood
Length: 16.6 km (10.3 miles).

Meet at 11:00 at the entrance to Chigwell Underground station. (Allow 40 mins Journey time from Oxford Circus.)

Pay as you go oyster or zone 1-6 travelcard.

Stages 20 and 21 of The London Loop. Directions by Tfl and available here: Stage 20 and Stage 21.

Suggested lunch stop: The Royal Oak, Havering-atte-bower, RM4 1PP  T:01708 744523. (Referenced at the end of section 20.)

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David said...

I've done the LOOP a few times and am fairly sure that the Rose and Crown is in the Enfield area near Forty Hall and Turkey Brook (section 17?). I'm sure there will be a suitable pub in Havering-atte-Bower, though. The walk is lovely, for the most part. The last 2 miles or so is through suburban Harold Wood.

DAC said...

Correct. Thanks for pointing this out. Slopping editing on my part, using a previous London Loop posting as a template. The correct pub is The Royal Oak, Havering-atte-bower. T: 01708 74452.

Anonymous said...

I intend going

Peteb said...

I did this walk independently some time ago and it will make a lovely outing. Just before you enter Havering country park there is a fine photo opp as you look back to view the London skyline.

David said...

n=14 walkers turned up at Chigwell tube station. One coming by car was delayed, so her friend waited behind for her. The remaining 12 set off on an initially w=overcast_morning_but_later_warm_and_sunny_afternoon. The recommended pub (The Royal Oak)wasn't able to provide lunch, but we were fortunate enough to pass a mobile hamburger and German sausage bar on the edge of Havering-atte-Bower, by the riding stables. For future reference, the Orange Tree pub is a few minutes walk away, in the direction of Romford, and it provides lunch. Several walkers sampled the fare and commented positively on it. Two walkers decided to drop out at lunchtime. The remaining 10 pressed on and were rewarded by bright sunshine and excellent views. We reached Harold Wood station shortly before 5. Overall, a fine day of walking. More LOOP walks, please!