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Sunday, 11 June 2017

Amberley and Arundel

An Amberley Circular

Length: 16km, Toughness: 4/10,  SWC Walk 100 (Arundel and Amberley) option a

Catch the 10:02 from London Victoria to Amberley (if you miss it, the 10:06 overtakes it, change at Gatwick). Return trains at xx:20. There's a station pub, riverside tea room (recommended), and bistro.

A lovely walk on the South Downs, through Arundel Park to Arundel castle (and cathedral).

Then loop back to Amberley for tea.


1 comment:

Andrew said...

n=7 (+ 1 dog) w=sunny-light-breeze 5 off the train met 2 who drove (free parking at Amberley station). A really nice walk, a mix of woods, castle, cathedral, folly, downland and viewpoints, and at a gentle pace to enjoy the view. Arundel impressed. We split at lunch. A long riverside lunch for 5 at the Waterside Cafe (left from the bridge). Some discussion of politics. The nettles are now tall enough to consider long trousers. Thanks to the walk's author!