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Saturday, 10 June 2017

Saturday Walk – New parts of the Darent valley

New Walk – Farningham Road to Eynsford
Length: 17½ km (10.9 miles). Toughness: 4/10

10:34 Dover train from Victoria (Denmark Hill 10:44, Bromley South 10:58, etc), arriving Farningham Road at 11:13. Buy a return to Farningham Road; in practice this is likely to be accepted from Eynsford on the way back, although you might be asked to buy a single from Eynsford to Swanley.

Trains back from Eynsford are half-hourly at 13 & 43 minutes past. These are stopping trains to Blackfriars but you can change at Bromley South for a fast train to Victoria.

This new walk extends the range of the SWC's Darent valley walks a little further northwards; not a great area if you want to get away from traffic noise, but with some attractive woodland and riverside stretches to compensate. There are a couple of lunch pubs to choose from in Farningham, with one having its beer garden right next to the river. The afternoon section strays into more familiar territory between Eynsford and Lullingstone, with options for tea in Lullingstone Park's Visitor Centre and the Riverside Café at Eynsford.

You'll need to print the walk directions from this temporary New Walk page. You can save a few sheets of paper by first clicking ‘Main’ on the Walk Options heading line.


Anonymous said...

This walk looks more manageable. Thanks for posting it.

Walker said...

The oxeye daisies at Lullingstone should be at their best now - the slopes to the west of the visitor centre are carpeted with them at this time of year. The farm just to the south usually has some lavender fields

Mark R said...

n=5 walkers on w=a-sunny-day-with-clear-skies for this new walk which featured a number of sections of shaded woodland and several glorious vistas. The Lion was an enjoyable location for lunch being right on the walk and having a large garden by the river which featured a unique cattle screen.