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Sunday, 19 June 2016

A new(ish) ramble in the Chilterns around Henley on Thames

Download walk 223 – Henley circular via Turville

Length 24.0km (15m); toughness 4/10- a few gentle inclines

Trains  09:48 London Paddington to Twyford 10:37; then 10.43 Twyford (Plat 5) to Henley 10.55.

Return trains from Henley to Twyford at xx:07 where you change for connecting trains to London Paddington.

 In terms of the general terrain this is a similar walk to the Book 2 Walk 6 favourite – Henley via Stonor circular – but this relatively new walk covers completely different territory, visiting  a number of small villages which have featured in the Midsomer Murders and the Vicar of Dibley.

There are a number of pub options on this walk including the tried and tested Stag and Huntsman in Hambleden but this comes very early in the walk after just 4.5m. Your recommended lunch time pub is the Frog in Skirmett which you reach after 7 miles.  The walk notes also give  two other options a little further on in the walk.

Note: pubs in this area are very popular on  a Sunday so you will need to phone ahead.

You can shorten the walk by catching a bus at Greenlands College back to Henley. This reduces the walk by 2m. If the weather is poor you could lunch at Hambleden and then walk back along the Thames path to Henley.  This would make a short walk of about 8m.

Further information about the walk can be found here. Click on the Download walk pdf tab at the top of the page for full walk instructions and other possible walk options. 


Anonymous said...

Anyone planning to do this walk?

PeteB said...

n=8 on this walk in perfect rambling weather, w= cloudy-and-dry-with-a-light-breeze. Two decided to do a short walk, lunching at Hambleden and then ambling back to Henley. The rest of us were all sandwich eaters so we walked past the recommended lunch-time pub the Frog in Skirmett and walked on to Turville which is an absurdly attractive hamlet with an excellent pub, a small church and grounds a few metres away with benches and a windmill on a hill which you can climb up towards to enjoy the expansive views and your lunch.
After resting for 45 mins with some of us visiting the Bull and Butcher we set off on the mainly woodland stretch back to Henley where we enjoyed a cuppa at the Chocolate Theatre cafe and met up with one of the short walkers before catching the 17.07 train.
All enjoyed the walk which although quite long presents no problems with navigation although as the author I could not understand what possessed me to to direct people down a lane at Hambleden for 70m when you could go through a lovely churchyard.
If you are a confident map reader or have GPS you can do many walk variations in this area and emboldened by the comments for this walk I may post my 17.2m Henley circular later in the summer for those who enjoy a long day out.