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Sunday, 19 June 2016

The lovely Kentish Downs

Download walk 138 Chilham circular

Length 15.6km (9.6m); toughness 5/10- some climbs in the morning.

You could catch the early 09.12 train from London Victoria (09.29 Bromley South) arriving at Chilham at 10.44 but the later option from London St Pancras International at 09.42  (Stratford International 09.48) arriving at Ashford International at 10.19 to then pick up the above Victoria train from Platform 5 at 10.32 may be your preferred option.  However you will pay a small premium for the HS1 train but is well worth it in my  view.

This is a lovely walk in the Kentish Downs which visits two historic houses. Just after lunch you visit  the beautiful estate of Godersham Park  which was often visited by Jane Austen whose brother owned the property.

Your only lunch pub option is the Compasses Inn (01227 700300) in Sole Street and they insist on advance booking irrespective of numbers so you MUST ring ahead when you arrive at Chilham station.

Further information about the walk can be found  here. Click on the download walk pdf tab at the top of the page for full walk instructions. 


PeteB said...

I heard that the 9.12 train from Victoria was cancelled!. Did anyone manage to do this walk?

Hayley said...

Yes four of us made it despite the train problems. A very pretty walk, although being Father's Day there was no chance of getting to eat in the lunchtime pub so we we ate in Chilham in The Woolpack at the end. Chilham very picturesque and well worth the visit. We managed to follow the instructions without going too far wrong. Lovely day.

Anonymous said...

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