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Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Midweek day walk - Hever to Ashurst

Hever to Ashurst

A surprisingly remote part of the High Weald on the Kent/East Sussex border

Book 3* Walk 175   * online only

Length :  15½ km or 9½ miles

Toughness :  4 out of 10

Getting there :  Catch the 10:08 am train from London Bridge to Hever or
                           Catch the 9:54 am train from London Victoria (10:00 am Clapham Junction) and change at East Croydon, boarding the 10:23 train to Hever (advertised on platform 6 at the time of writing)

Meeting point :  Hever Station at 10:49 am

Tickets :  Buy a cheap day return to Ashurst

Brief Description

I'm proposing that Walkers do the Main Walk described in the walk details, However if the weather is inclement you could shorten the walk after lunch and end it at Cowden station.
You may find full details of this walk  here

Suggested Lunch stop

The Fountain at Cowden t: 01342 850528 

Suggested Tea stop

Perryhill Orchard Farm Shop & Tea Rooms t: 01892 770595  (Allow at least an hour to reach Ashurst station from here)


OS Explorer : 147 and 135

Return train times

Trains return from Ashurst at 55 minutes past the hour and travel to London Bridge.  As usual, change at East Croydon to travel to Clapham Junction and Victoria.


Anonymous said...

lOVE this wakk but maybe muddy in places.
Wonderful inexpensive omelettes available a lunchtime pub.

Unknown said...

Hoping to join you on Wednesday. Mud? Definitely.

Unknown said...

What's the Pub Restaurant like inside?

Mike A said...

It's very pleasant with a couple of bars in the original building and a new conservatory section with a glass roof used as an extra eating area. Good beer and good food. Bit too cold for the garden just yet!
Photo's on the Pub's website here

Katrien said...

We did the Cowden to Ashurst version last Saturday (30 January). It was one of the most beautiful SWC walks we've done. But, it was very muddy, almost all of it. Furthermore, just before we arrived at Ashurst station, close to the Medway, we had to wade through water 15cm deep. We didn't have time to look for an alternative because we wanted to catch the train.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the warning Catrien jfk

Marcus said...

n=14 w=mild-and-mostly-sunny

A very good turn out for this mud-fest on a day when the sun shone and the temperature was mild for a winter's day, once out of the morning wind. The mud, of slubadub variety, was relentless, particularly in the morning fields and when it was safe to look up from submerged boots one noticed the route was pleasant, with some good views through lovely countryside. But progress through the wretched mud was darn hard work and it was with some relief when we reached the lunchtime pub, the Fountain in Cowden. Having forewarned the hostelry of our numbers and pending arrival we were not expecting the kitchen to be so disorganised: meals, when they arrived, were mostly excellent, but some of us waited for fifty minutes, which resulted in our group splintering, with 5 picnickers setting off in advance.
Post prandial, 3 headed for Cowden station, leaving 6 of us to venture forth on the afternoon leg, now in lovely winter sunshine, taking the direct route to Coomb Wood. We by-passed the tea stop at Moat Farm and pressed on. Reaching the hill-top above the Medway Valley we came across a prone ewe, injured and in severe distress, which was upsetting for us. 2 in our group made for the farm on the horizon to notify the farmer, and having done so they re-joined us on the platform at Ashurst Station, in good time to catch the 16-55 back to London, with the train info notice stating "service on time".
The train never arrived.
It had broken down in Crowborough - a dodgy door, or was it mud on the line, or both. A lady waiting on the platform very kindly gave lifts in her car to 3 in our group - to East Grinstead, I believe - leaving 3 of us to wait for the next train. Southern Rail came to our rescue by putting on an intermediate service to Oxted where we connected with the East Grinstead service to Victoria - and home to brush off the mud.
An eventful day.

Walker said...

Hint to walk posters: Thinking this walk might be muddy, I instead went out to check and update my Maidenhead to Marlow walk (SWC 56) on Tuesday. Lovely day, beautiful walk, MINIMAL MUD.

Otherwise, bear in mind the two great maxims: "Never invade Russia" and "Weald walks are very muddy in winter".

PeteB said...

Great turnout for a notoriously muddy walk. My tolerance of mud never high at the best of times and the fact I had other commitments on Wednesday meant I went out on Tuesday for a bracing 12 mile Thanet coast walk from Margate to Herne Bay. Beautiful day and for those wanting a respite from muddy fields this part of the coast is recommended.