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Saturday, 6 February 2016

Saturday First Walk - Downland on London's southern margins

Book 2 walk 15c - Riddlesdown to Kingswood
Length: 15km (9.3 miles)
Toughness: 3 out of 10

9.53 train from Victoria (9.59 Clapham Junction, 10.10 East Croydon) to Riddlesdown, arriving 10.18.

Trains back from Kingswood are at 25 and 55 past.

** Both stations are in zone 6: use Oyster

Walk directions: use the book or these online directions as far as lunch, then these directions for the afternoon route to Kingswood

The other walk posters seem to be plotting to send you thither and yon today, so here is a walk close to home for those of you feeling a bit less adventurous. (I realise a variant of this was posted just before Christmas, but it was a wet Sunday and only four turned up.)

To many of you it will need no introduction, but those who don't know it will be delighted to discover such unspoilt and lovely countryside right on London's southern doorsteps - downland for the most part, some woods, and just a couple of tiny bits of suburbia.

Lunch is at the capacious Fox. This pub always seems to be very busy but we generally manage to squeeze in somehow. Ringing at the start of the walk to try and book a table may be an idea, but I would suggest doing this in smaller groups rather than trying to get a table for 15 or whatever, which may spook them. I have timetabled this walk to get you to the pub comfortably at or shortly after midday, hopefully, which should give you a much better chance of getting a table and getting served promptly. An earlier option is the Wattenden Arms just after Kenley Common, but you will get to that too early (it serves food from noon).

Those with busy schedules might like to note that two LT bus routes link the Fox with Coulson South and Croydon stations.

After lunch, the alternative route to Kingswood is highly recommended: make sure you have printed out the special directions for this in addition to the main walk directions. There is a pub at Kingswood for tea.

However, if you want you can just do the main walk 15 afternoon to Coulsdon South - there is a longer version or a short cut option. Trains back from Coulsdon South are at 16, 26 and 56 past. See feedback for this walk for details of a cafe near the station.

1 comment:

Ian T said...

Forgot to count. About n=12 w=overcast-windy-dry Fair bit of mud. Most finished at Kingswood, 1 at Coulsdon South. Fox OK.