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Saturday, 19 December 2015

Third walk - Urban sprawl and other delights

SWC Walk 207 - Farningham Road to Sole Street
Length: 17.2 km (10.7 miles). Toughness: 3/10

Catch the 10:07 from London Victoria arrives Farningham Road station 10:36. Buy a day return to Sole Street. Return trains from Sole Street xx:46.

The story so far: In the introductory text, JB never went out of his way to market the walk. It received some tough feedback following on from its first outing in June 2014 (ref.: #207 comments), mainly due to overgrown paths which you certainly could not blame the walk for. Prior to a subsequent Saturday outing / vegetation check in August 2014 Anonymous (bored at work as usual) decided to point out these "issues" under the walk posting a couple of days before the Saturday, so I was pleasantly surprised when two others turned up for the walk. IMO the walk is undersold and apart from the final 100m access road down to Sole Street station it overlaps with no other SWC walk.

Longer option: Catch the earlier 8:52 train from Victoria to Swanley (arrives 9:19). Adds 6.1km to the walk from Swanley to Farningham Road, gpx route here.


DAC said...

Intend going.

Kelda said...

There's at least 2 doing the earlier train/longer option...

Anonymous said...

I may do 2-17a (same train) and meet the group for tea in Sole Street

Kelda said...

N=12 (5 on early train/extension)
W= bright_and_unseasonably_warm

Given the mixed reviews this walk was a very pleasant surprise! This walk was a lovely wander though the fields and villages of this not-so-distance part of Kent. The previously "impassable" sections were all perfectly navigable and most of the field crossings were clearly marked.

Lunch was at the second Ship Inn at Southfleet. Food was the usual good pub selection and we finished off with a couple of drinks at The Railway Inn next to the station at Sole Street.

An impressively active day given that it's one of the shortest of the year.

Thanks everyone for another fantastic day out!