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Sunday, 20 December 2015

Sunday walk 1 - Only just south: London's southern commons

Riddlesdown to Coulsdon South
Book 2, walk 15
with shortcut, 7.8 miles 12.5km.
Difficulty 4/10
This walk, all within travelcard zone 6, goes through some of the finest preserved commons in the green belt, including Happy Valley and Farthing Down. All being well, you also get to marvel at one of England's oldest - and possibly biggest - wall paintings in Chaldon Church .
The full walk is 10.4 miles but the 7.8 mile version is recommended, given the limited hours of daylight. This involves taking the shortcut (option a) in the afternoon.
09:53 East Grinstead train from Victoria (Clapham Jct 09:59 E Croydon 10:10) arr Riddlesdown 10:17
Trains back: xx:21 & xx:52 from Coulsdon South to Victoria.
A zones 1-6 travelcard is probably your best bet.
"Have some picnic items in reserve"
Lunch The Fox, Coulsdon Common 01883 330 401- Busy, efficient and "oozing rustic charm and rural character" according to their website. Phoning advised. There's a possible earlier stop at  the Wattenden Arms, though it opens at 12 and you may be too early. With Xmas being so close, pubs could be busy today. You might want to have a few picnic items in reserve. Just saying.
Tea: There is a Caffe Nero, 5 mins north of the station at 132 Brighton Road, open until 5pm on Sundays. Additionally, the walk notes give directions to a pub.
The Poppy Café in the Memorial Gardens (across the road from Reddown Road) is open till 4.
If thats all too much, there's an elf-service drinks machine in the station's cab office (note xmas joke).
Walk Directions: Book 2 or from here.
( n.b. in earlier editions of Book 2, the Riddlesdown start is given as option b of what was then the Coulsdon South Circular.)

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PeteB said...

According to a Facebook report n=4 on this walk which was shortened by the participants because of rain.