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Sunday, 20 December 2015

Sunday walk 2 - Only just north: the Chilterns from Chesham

Chesham Circular, Book 2 walk 4 (variant)
11.8 km 7.3 miles

Take the Met Line all the way to the Chilterns. Sweeping views, big trees. Not too long.
Get the Metropolitan line to Chesham from Baker Street at 9:50 arriving Chesham at 10:46.
Trains return at xx:26 and xx:56
A TFL zones 1-9 travel card will do you
"pack a snack or two, just in case"
Lunch:  the Bell Inn, Chartridge 01494 782 878. I suggest phoning from the station. With Xmas being so close, pubs could be busy today. You might want to pack a snack or two just in case there's any problem.
Tea: Several places are listed: The quirky Drawing Room in Frances Yard 01494 791 691 is a favourite - it appears to be open till 5 but advisable to phone and check.
Directions: You need two sets of directions, available from here :  the Book 2 walk 4 directions on the "download walk" button, AND the extra directions on the "Chesham Circular" button.


PeteB said...

n=5 on this walk; w=cloudy-and-mild. Nice winter outing and not too muddy except for the last field before the pub which has an unavoidable tractor created mud-filled track bisecting the route. At least there was not so much cattle churn as I remember from a previous winter outing. After our sandwiches I and another picnicker decided to press on at the lunch pub as the weather looked to be closing in and to be frank neither the Bell (which was almost empty) nor the village of Chartridge are places, in my view, you really want to linger. We two got back to Chesham around 2.15pm and my companion went to catch the tube whilst I lingered in a cafe for coffee and a perusal of the Sunday papers.
I hope the 3 pub-lunchers were served quickly and got back to Chesham before any rain set in.

PeteB said...

Additional point: the Chesham circular walk has no gpx route so I may add this if the walks deviser is ok with this?