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Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Mid-week day walk - The Thames Path

The Thames Path - Greenwich to the Tate Modern

The Greenwich Peninsular, O2 dome with views of Docklands. Tower Bridge, London Bridge and a Christmas Market at the Tate Modern 

Book 3* Walk 245 (In reverse with a minor extension to the Tate Modern)

* on-line only

Length : 14 km or 8½ miles

Toughness : 1 out of 10

Getting there : Catch the Jubilee Line to North Greenwich (or any suitable bus, or the Emirates Chair lift etc.)

Meeting point : Top of the escalators at North Greenwich Tube Station for 11:00 am

Tickets : Buy a suitable Oyster card to cover zones 1, 2 and your starting zone. (if you have not already got one.)

Brief Description

An easy pre Christmas stroll "sauth of the river" along the Thames Path.
This has a good chance of being mud free, so no need for walking boots, gaiters, survival bags etc.
The walk continues past London Bridge (the end point) and passes the Clink Prison and Bills Restaurant arriving at the Tate Modern where there is a Christmas Market.

Christmas Market at Tate Modern

You may find full details of the walk here, but basically it's "keep the river on the right"

Walkers are encouraged to wear Christmas apparel such as Santa hats, Christmas jumpers, Antler hats, white beards, well you get the idea.

Suggested Lunch stop

Mayflower Pub  t: 020 7237 4088
The Pub says booking is essential at this time of year, so I've booked a table for 8 at 1:00pm.
If you'd like to be one of the eight, may I ask you to email me at "arthur_at_quitenear_dot_me" (suitable emailified) - first come first served!

Suggested Tea stops

So many choices! I suggest folks make a decision on the day.


Returning home

Lots of possibilities here which include ...

  1. Go back to London Bridge
  2. Cross the Millennium Bridge and jump on a tube at St. Pauls.
  3. Carry on along the South Bank to Blackfriars or Waterloo

1 comment:

PeteB said...

n=12 on this walk with the weather w=sunny-and-mild. Four of us - myself included- just missed the main group who had set off promptly from North Greenwich tube station. Whilst I set off the short distance to the Thames path to start the circuit around the 02 with the Thames to my right the three others set off on a radical alternative route across the peninsula where heroically two of them achieved SWC immortality by managing to cross the Blackwall Tunnel Approach road. One sadly could not make it across and retraced her steps to head home. (These sarf Landoners eh!).
We eventually all met up near Greenwich (minus one) and walked on to the pub where the walks inspector was already installed and saving our pre-booked table. (He and a companion had also taken a less fraught "peninsula route" claiming the lack of clear signage to the Thames path at the station had left him a bit confused! as to the correct direction. Just head towards the cable cars I say - after all they are crossing the Thames......)
The pub was superb. I particularly enjoyed a fruit crumble - one of the best I have tasted. After a relaxed lunch we ambled the remaining 3km to the Millenium Bridge where we went our separate ways. (Oh did I mention the walk was actually about 4km longer than specified because we did not factor in the distance from the tube station to Greenwich Cutty Sark!)
A great and for some an adventurous day out with SWC regulars and this walk or a shorter version of it would make a lovely evening stroll. Finally thanks to Mike for posting it and booking the table. Happy Xmas all.