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Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Midweek day walk Oxted to Lingfield

Oxted to Lingfield

The Greensand Way, the Low Weald and Staffhurst Wood

Book 3* Walk 135

* online only

Length : 18 km or 11 miles

Toughness : 3 out of 10

Getting there : Catch the 10:23 from London Victoria (10:29 Clapham Junction) to Oxted or
Catch the 10:08 am train from London Bridge to Oxted arriving 10:38 and wait for the Victoria train (suggest in Café Papillon )

Meeting point : Oxted Station at 11:01

Tickets : Buy a day return to Lingfield

Brief Description

You may find full details  here

Suggested Lunch stops

Suggested Tea stops

Joyce's with Best Wishes t: 01342 832428
The Place to Meet   t: 01342 837587


OS Explorer : 146 and 147

Return train times

Trains return from Lingfield to Victoria at the following times ...
16:14 |16:44 | 17:14 |17:44 |18:14 |18:44

and to London Bridge at 18:24


Anonymous said...

hope to go, anyone else ?

Anonymous said...

Weather looks reasonable, so I'm up for the walk.
Usually 7-12 on these midweek walks I seem to remember

Anonymous said...

going from Victoria - please wait

Anonymous said...

quite fancy joining you!!!
this would be my very first walk so please be indulgent (hopefully I won't be too much of a burden for the group!!)

Sean said...

Another bumper turnout for a midweek walk, n=15 walkers split between the two trains. You could say there were 17, but two somehow formed the impression that they were supposed to change from the first train to the second and found themselves in Lingfield about five hours too soon. Showing great resourcefulness they did the walk in reverse and we heard their story at the lunch pub.

The W=partly_sunny weather made it an ideal day for walking, and it was particularly nice to do this walk in dry conditions. The Royal Oak seemed to be under new management and failed a crucial test by shamefacedly admitting that they'd run out of pies. After recovering from that shock most were happy with their lunch but one grumbled that her Red Thai curry was not hot enough, in every sense.

On the afternoon leg the ancient yew in Crowhurst churchyard was greatly admired, from inside and out. The pacesetters reached Lingfield just after 4pm and some headed for an early train back, but most refreshed themselves in the back garden of Joyce's tearoom. Duly revived, one even carried on past the Racecourse to the next station down the line, so perhaps Dormans will feature on an SWC walk in the not too distant future…