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Saturday, 12 September 2015

Holmwood to Gomshall

Book 1, walk 42, Holmwood to Gomshall
Length: 16.7 km (10.4 miles)
Toughness: 6/10

9:31 from London Victoria, arriving in Holmwood at 10:32
Return: xx:53 via Guildford to London Victoria or xx:04 via Redhill to London Victoria

I suggest buying a day return to Gomshall.

Walk directions can be downloaded from here

A beautiful walk through woods with a climb up to Leith tower and tea in the cozy tearoom in Abinger Hammer.

The suggested lunch place is the Stephan Langton Inn in Friday Street. The waiting room for the train is the Compasses Inn in Gomshall.


Anonymous said...

If you get caught between trains at Gomshall, you can get buses from there to Redhill or Dorking.

Anonymous said...

Does that train stop at clapham Junction? Hope to attend.

Peaked Cap and Whistle said...

It sure does, at 9:38 Its the Horsham train
Train back calls there, too

Ian T said...

N=13 on this walk, one of whom, a late starter, caught us up at Gomshall. w=cloudy-early-sunny-later. A varied and energetic walk quite pretty, and plenty of dramatic trees. It is possible to feel lost on this walk, even when you’re not! Particularly the stretch after Leith tower. Though, given the vague path choices and lack of definitive landmarks, the book did well to steer me through.
Lunch at the Stephan Langton seemed to please. As did a languorous tea stop in Abinger Hammer.

Peaked Cap and Whistle said...

There was some debate about whether it was better to change for Victoria at Dorking Deepdene or Redhill. I did some research and, according to Journey Planner, it should be 5 minutes faster to change at Redhill despite the half hour wait for the connection. Sadly on this occasion the train from Redhill was 3 minutes late and by the time it reached Clapham Junction the Deepdeners would have been a whole 5 minutes ahead. That half hour wait does swing the balance in favour of Dorking Deepdene in cold weather, though.

Ian T said...

Thanks, Mr Whistle, I forgot to mention that the (normally locked) church at Wotton was open, thanks to Heritage Open Day. Contains one famous tomb, that of John Evelyn. Apparently, it is kept locked because of vandalism to that very tomb.