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Saturday, 16 May 2015

Saturday First Walk

SWC 3 41 Yalding to 7oaks
21K (13 miles)
5 out of 10

Map of the route here

London Canon St at 10.03 ( London Bridge 10.07 New Cross 10.13 ) arriving Tonbridge at 10.46 and then take the 11.04 from Tonbridge to Yalding
Charing Cross at 10.10 ( Waterloo East 10.13 ) arriving Tonbridge at 10.50 and then take the 11.04 from Tonbridge to Yalding
Arrive Yalding 11.19
(The train websites suggest taking a later train and having only 7 minutes connection time at Tonbridge but experience has shown that this is a bit risky so I have opted for an earlier train into Tonbridge)

There are trains frequent trains out of Sevenoaks returning to Blackfriars or Cannon Street or Charing Cross
Get a day return to Yalding 

According to the Comments Section
One of the best walks in SWC collection. Three worthwhile pubs but the first, The Swan in West Peckham, is the one

See the comments section for buses to shorten the walk in the afternoon

The Swan Inn West Peckham ( 01622 812271 ) for lunch  - you should arrive here 75 mins after starting off from the station so say just after 12.30
This will leave about 16 Km to walk after lunch but there are a couple of opportunities for tea in the afternoon - or take a later pub for lunch
A small and very popular pub so best phone them to book a table as soon as you leave the station ( or a few days before hand if you can plan that far ahead )

Kentish Rifleman is 9.7 Km (two and a half hours walking so you should arrive around 1.45 pm ) into the walk and finishes serving food at 2.30 pm

Chaser Inn ( 01732 810360 ) at 11.9 Km ( three hours walking) into the walk and it serves food all afternoon apparently

At Igtham Mote or Knole House or Sevenoaks

More info and full walk details available here

1 comment:

DGA said...

Sat 16/5/15 Book 3 Walk 41 Yalding to Sevenoaks 21km/13m n=20 walkers or so. Glorious sunshine all day as photos will confirm. The first time I've noticed boats at Yalding as every other time I've walked this route or the Borough Green variant it's rained.
Most enjoyed lunch and/or a drink at the Swan, West Peckham, al fresco (no, he wasn't on the walk) on the village green. Pub grub was served on flat oblong platters which looked, and - I'm reliably informed - tasted delicious. We pressed on in various groups but as it was such a glorious day in May, gathered for another bash at the local amber liquids at the Kentish Rifleman. It's possible the third pub en route attracted customers. All I know is that I parted company with my by then 6 companions at Ightam Mote. I'm sure they and some others enjoyed tea and tiffin in the sun around 4pm-ish. Pressing on to Knole Park where I arrived too late for the (temporary) refreshments kiosk, I settled for tea at the station and the 6.30 slow train home not too tired but asleep before yet another Danish tv drama series wound up a lovely day zzzzzzzzz