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Thursday, 14 May 2015

The Father at Tricycle Theatre

WINNER of three Moliere Awards including Best Play 2014, the Royal Bath Theatre's production comes to Tricycle.  To book, please click here.  Pre-theatre Food and Drink will be at The Black Lion on 274 Kilburn High Road from 6pm.  The pub is literally opposite Tricycle Theatre. Click here for menu 


tartanrug said...

Have my ticket.

Lucilla said...

Thanks Tartanrug. Including Tartanrug, 9 have booked so far.

groundhog said...

I've booked my ticket for The Father. Many thanks Lucilla for arranging this.

tartanrug said...

oops! would someone like to buy my tickets £21 (concession) in Stalls D10? Thanks.

tartanrug said...

It's OK they let me move my ticket to the following night! Phew.