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Thursday, 9 July 2020

Evening Walk: Lovely Lullingstone Lavender near Shoreham

 SWC 289: Shoreham Circular (Short North Loop)

Distance:          Approximately 5.5 miles or 9 km for those more metrically minded 

Difficulty:         3 out of 10

Meet:               Shoreham Rail Station 19:00 (on public transport the 18:24 Hasting train from London Bridge with change in Sevenoaks 18:48 arrival/18:52 departure should work)

Return:             21:32; 21:45; 22:02; 22:15; 22:32 and 22:45 (to a variety of London-bound destinations)

Something a bit different and a little further afield for our evening repertoire…..I have been interested in posting this short country walk as an evening lavender outing for a couple of years – but the walk usually gets snatched up for a full outing at this time of year – so here is our chance….

The walk route passes by a usually very impressive lavender field at Castle Farm which should be in good bloom now…

Unfortunately, most of the pubs in Shoreham stop serving evening food rather early (usually about 8:30pm) – but we should be able to at least find a drink and some crisps or nuts at the end of the walk in one of the 4 pubs in the village….

More information about the route can be found here

Enjoy the walk!



Anonymous said...

Lavender, even

Stargazer said...

Just n=3 familiar faces on this evening outing....making covid compliance a breeze...Notwithstanding the w=heavy-slightly-muggy evening air, it was a very colorful outing -- with vistas of green trees, golden barely fields and of course the crop of honor, purple lavender....with various fields in different stages of development -- some quite bright and others either pre or past peak...

A very pleasant evening out, with ample time for a post walk bevie in the outdoor space at the Kings Arms (the only one of the 4 pubs open this evening -- but the Crown is apparently also functioning and the George is being renovated).