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Saturday, 11 July 2020

Dorking Circular (now with an earlier train)

Length: 16km / 18km / 23km (10m / 11m / 14m), depending on route taken
Toughness: 6 / 10
Meet (Amended !): Outside Dorking Station at 10:30. (Train services are currently being reviewed and a new schedule applies on Saturday, 11th. The London Waterloo train at 9:54 has disappeared. At the moment (Tue, 13:15) I can find a train from London Victoria at 9:25 arriving in Dorking at 10:21)
A pleasant walk through a long valley and then across the Greensand Hills before heading back to Dorking. The Wotton Hatch on the long walk seems to be open and serving food. The Stephan Langton pub on the main walk is closed (thanks to anonymous for the link).


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

See above. Pub currently closed. Landlords have left.

Thomas G said...

n=10, I'm told

Unknown said...

Belated report - Paul and I decided to run the Dorking circular, rather than walk. We coincided with a sizeable group at Dorking Station (waiting for the one toilet that was open), then ran on. We spotted a solo walker following the route, & met the large group again later on, eventually at the pub near the station. They said they were Ramblers following the SWC route. Not much social distancing going on.