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Sunday, 15 December 2019

Sunday Walk: Tadworth Short Circular

8.8 miles 14 km
Difficulty 3/10
The full walk looks a bit long for the time of year, so this shorter version is advised. It explores Headley Heath and skirts round Box Hill, taking you to the Tree on Box Hill for lunch. Mainly gentle inclines over well drained paths, but steeper in places. GPS or compass recommended, particularly for the heathland.
9:24 Tattenham Corner train from London Bridge (East Croydon 9:57), arriving Tadworth 10:31 (if you miss this, you can catch the faster 9:30 Gatwick Thameslink and change onto it at Purley, departing there 10:11). Tadworth is in London Travelcard Zone 6.
Return at xx:24 or xx:54, direct to London Bridge. Change at East Croydon, if you wish, for a faster train to Victoria.
Lunch: The Tree on Box Hill  01737 845996.
Tea: choose between the Bell, down-to-earth, doesn’t do hot drinks, or the Blue Ball a bit more posher, does do hot drinks.
Directions: here
After paragraph 19, skip to paragraph 52 to implement the shortcut.
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Anonymous said...

I missed the train and was 30 minutes behind the the main group. I'd got the written directions and a compass, but I got lost on Hadley Heath and couldn't find the correct path so I'd appreciate more detail in Point 13 In more detail: at precent it says "enter the heath. Follow the well-used path for 360 metres, ignoring all ways off". So after the entrance gate I followed the only path, but after about 40 - 5- metres there was a fork and the left fork looked a more-used path so I took that route, which later went past a large house to the left. I now realise that I should have taken the right fork even though it seemed to be a lesser path. So I suggest that you add something like: "Enter the heath. Follow the main path. After xx metres you come to a fork in the path, take the right-hand fork. (if there's a large house to your left you are on the wrong path !)

Mr M Tiger said...

Thanks anonymous. Surprised to hear this is still an issue. Ive flagged it before. If/when I post it again I'll add a note in my intro. Any advance on n=1 ? Anyone?

David Colver said...

Five off the train, at least one late comer, and two very regulars plus daughter at lunch, so I am going to count that as n=6, though it might have been one or two higher.

Pub lunch satisfactory apart from bird chirping from the loudspeakers and driving me nuts. For me there is no such thing as background music; all music is foreground music. Apparently this noise is in the background of some track that is current at the moment.

Directions fine with GPS. I have been insufficiently prompt in writing this to recall with certainty the weather but I think it was w=cloudy_but_no_rain.