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Saturday, 7 December 2019

Saturday Walk: Arundel by Candelight

SWC Walk 100: Amberley to Arundel or Amberley T=swc.100

Distance:  Something for everyone…..from 4.2 miles/6.75 km just walking one leg from Amberley to Arundel up to 14.1 miles/22.75 km for the full route around to Amberley and back again to Arundel…with a 9.9 mile/16 km middle distance Amberley circular

Difficulty:  3-5 out of 10, depending on route taken….

Train:  Take the 9:36 AM Southhampton/Bognor Regis train from London Victoria (stopping at Clapham Junction at 9:43 and East Croydon at 9:53), arriving at Amberley at 10:57.  Return trains from Amberley are at 17 past the hour until 21:17 and from Arundel at 13 and 46 past the hour until 21:46. Buy a day return to Amberley or, if planning to finish in Arundel, Arundel. 

A special seasonal treat awaits on this walk – posted to coincide with the Arundel by Candlelight festival. This walk seems almost perfectly designed for this event – as it is comprised of 3 different legs between Amberley and Arundel meaning that you can do a short walk and enjoy the festivities, do a long walk and just pass through the festivities or do something in between.... You should arrive in Arundel about the time the festival starts and can spend all or some of the afternoon there. For those doing the long walk, you would most likely make it back for the end of the festival…possibly in the dark…However, I will add that the route along the river from Amberley to Arundel is fairly easy to follow in the dark and has, in fact, featured in our moonlight walking escapades in the past. You can find more information about the walk and download the walk instructions here.

Lunch could be had either in Arundel at various establishments mentioned in the walk notes (4.2 miles/6.75km into the walk) or, for those doing the longer route, the popular George in Burpham (6 miles/10km into the walk). Tea and other late afternoon refreshments can be had at either the Bridge Inn near Amberley Station if finishing in Amberley or at the Black Rabbit on the riverside route back to Arundel, if doing the long route. 

Enjoy the walk!


Anonymous said...

Anyone for Arundel Circular?

Stargazer said...

n=15 gathered on the platform for the briefing.....then set off at various paces in w=cloudy-but-warm-and-dry-conditions with various intended routes (I believe some people did each of the short, medium and long options).....on the way we saw a familiar face leading some friends on an Arundel circular and later the long walkers met another familiar face on the Arundel platform and shared the journey home....

We splintered somewhat on the steep incline into Arundel Park, some explored the lake and others paused for sandwiches....On arrival in Arundel we were greeted with carols and enjoyed some mulled wine while exploring the festivities.....Four then carried on to lunch in Burpham where we met the two explorers and were later joined by 2 early picnickers....Ultimately, the 8 of us set off towards North Stoke picking up to more picnickers on the way....In North Stoke, 3 of this group continued to Amberley while 7 turned back towards the dusk along the river path....we stopped at the Black Rabbit for a drink after which it was properly dark for the final stretch with a tentative 3/4 moon popping out from time to time. On this final stretch we were treated to a well-lit cathedral on the hill and sounds of a choir floating in the air.....Back in Arundel the festivities were still on...with a choir singing in the main street and most of the buildings bedecked with pretty white lights and mini trees....3 headed for the 18:48 and 4 had a bite to eat in the Norfolk Arms before catching the 19:48....A full festive day...