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Sunday, 10 November 2019

Sunday Walk – Views from the Greensand Hills

Extra Walk 63b – Oxted Circular (short walk)
Length: 11½ km (7.2 miles). Toughness: 3/10

10:21 East Grinstead train from Victoria (Clapham Jct 10:28, East Croydon 10:39), arriving Oxted at 11:00. See below for a late start option.

Trains back from Oxted are at xx:29 & xx:59.

Volume 2 of the Time Out walks contained several short options to entice new walkers and there was a time when these got occasional SWC postings. However, tiddlers like the 9 km Hurst Green to Oxted walk (16a) have long since dropped off the radar. This Sunday's walk is essentially a slightly longer version of that neglected walk, a mix of open and wooded sections up and over the Greensand Hills.

You'll probably need to call ahead and book a table if you want a pub lunch at the Carpenters Arms in Limpsfield Chart. If they can't oblige it's not too much further back to Limpsfield and Oxted, where you'll find some other pubs and coffee shops for refreshment.

* Late Start Option: Take the train half an hour later and do the 'morning short cut' (that's §3 instead of §13, making a 10 km walk). You'll reach the lunch pub at the same time as the main group.

You'll need to bring the directions from the Oxted Circular walk page. Clicking the word 'Short' on the Walk Options line before printing will include both Short Walk options and save 5 or 6 sheets of paper.


Mr M Tiger said...

About N=30 altogether on a w=dry-sunny-slightly-chilly day. Muddy underfoot in places but not too bad.
A pretty walk especially with the autumn colour. (Not wishing too much lavish praise to go to the walk author’s head, I pointed out a couple of minor ambiguities to him in no uncertain terms.)
The Carpenters couldn’t cater for such a large group so, after a quick half, about half the group pressed on to the Bull for a late lunch which they declared to be good. Best not to mention the wine. It too was said to be good but cost an unexpectedly pretty penny. Those who stayed on in the Carpenters turned up later, having no doubt drunk themselves silly before leaving. And so a short stretch back to Oxted where the group divided between the Wetherspoons and a Costas.

Sunday, 10 November 2019 at 20:24:00 GMT Delete

Mr M Tiger said...

Forgot to mention - there were favourable comments about Limpsfield's Coffee at Kiwi House.