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Wednesday, 11 September 2019

Wednesday walk Faversham to Whitstable - along the Saxon Shore Way

SWC 12 - Faversham to Whitstable

Length: 15.7 km   (9.8 miles)
Toughness: 1 out of 10  (nice and flat all the way along the coast)

London Victoria:  10-10 hrs    Dover Priory service     Bromley South: 10-27 hrs
Arrive Faversham: 10-25 hrs

London St Pancras:  10-27 hrs      Stratford International: 10-34
Arrive Faversham: 11-31 hrs

Would Victorians please wait for any Pancreatics to arrive.


Whitstable to Victoria: direct trains at 16-19, 17-26, 18-22 and 19-22 hrs
Changing at Sittingbourne [S] or Faversham [F]: 16-49 [S], 17-49 [F] and 19-49 [S]

Whitstable to St Pancras:  direct trains at 16-49, 17-49 and 18-49 hrs

Long walkers: Herne Bay to Victoria: direct trains at 17-19, 18-15, 19-15 and 20-20 hrs. Changing at Sittingbourne: 17-44, 18-42 and 19-44 hrs.

Rail ticket:  main walkers - buy a day return to Whitstable.   Long walkers - to Herne Bay

Wednesday walkers who enjoyed the Faversham Circular walk on a hot, sunny day on 24 July should also enjoy re-visiting Faversham at the start of this coastline walk to Whitstable. The walk is flat all the way as you proceed along the Saxon Shore Way to Seasalter, before continuing on to Whitstable. Anyone wanting to go long today can extend the walk to Herne Bay (making a total walk of 23.8 km - 14.8 miles) but I suspect most of you will be content with the main walk, particularly if it is warm enough to take a swim somewhere along the coast from Seasalter to Whitstable, tides permitting.

Lunch today:  The Sportsman in Seasalter, 9 km into the walk. tel: 01227-273370. Booking ahead is essential. My opinion of what I had previously found to be a pretentious, over-priced sea-food establishment went up the last time a small group of SWC walkers called in on a very wet day - the manager kindly allowed us to dry off and eat our own sandwiches in their conservatory. Further down Faversham Road from the Sportsman is Forget Me Not Cafe (formerly Poppet's Cafe) which has good reviews. Otherwise, you have to wait until you reach Whitstable where you can sample their oysters or have a late lunch or take tea in a choice of cafes and pubs.

The railway station is some twenty minutes or so from the centre of town.
Walk Directions are here: L=swc.12

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

N=6 W=perfect
3 from St.Pancras and 2 from Victoria, plus another who contacted by text but was not encountered. A very beautiful day in wonderful early autumnal light. The Sportsman was fully booked but we rested outside before dining at the cafe a little further on. Four went straight to the train while one lingered another hour to enjoy the sinking sun from the shingle beach outside the buzzing Old Neptune pub.